Ten-Point Checklist: Building an Awesome Salesforce Training Program

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1. Put together your winning team

Make sure that you have people on your team that knows what a successful Salesforce implementation looks like. Those building the training program should have a complete understanding of both the company’s goals and how Salesforce will deliver said goals.

2. Pick an awesome administrator

Your company’s Salesforce Administrator will be crucial in ensuring things run smoothly. In most cases, they will act as the go-to person for follow-up questions other employees may have.

3. Get buy-in from the top

Obtaining and maintaining executive support for the Salesforce training program will ensure that training remains a priority, thus making sure a healthy, collaborative Salesforce culture is fostered. This step cannot be overstated enough.

4. Ask for help

Particularly for smaller to mid-sized organizations, looking outside for support and guidance with Salesforce training is important. To expedite the process of finding your ideal solution provider and to receive an accurate proposal, you should create a request for proposal (RFP).

5. Go slow

Salesforce training is a complex project that should be broken down into manageable and measurable phases. This is especially important as you’ll be engaging with and teaching those who may never have used a CRM system before.

6. Explain how and why things were built the way they were

In the case of CRM or ERP systems, the technology should be adjusted to meet needs.  Hopefully, the various teams were consulted during the mapping of business process to the technology. That being said, there are inevitably going to be some adjustments employees will need to make to their day-to-day activities. As part of the training program, take the time to explain to people what changes were made, why, and the benefits they will see from these changes.

7. Be patient and prepared

Remember that most people are resistant to change. No matter how well designed your Salesforce training program is, it may take time before people are willing to switch over, without complaints.

8. Adapt, modify and grow

As you move beyond the initial Salesforce implementation and go-live with your Salesforce system, don’t be scared to make changes. New things will inevitably creep in, and usually for the better. Ensure that future changes are documented thoroughly, and any major changes are communicated to the team in micro training sessions.

9. Hands-on learning

Before your employees start to use the CRM for revenue-generating activities, incorporate hands-on learning into your training sessions. Allow people to run through various scenarios with dummy data to make sure they know what to do. This will also allow them to ask questions right at the moment they encounter a situation.

10. Create the most engaging training possible

Not everyone is a professional trainer or amazing public speaker. However, there are things that can be done to deliver an engaging training session, ultimately keeping the attention of attendees and increasing morale.

    1. Consider learning styles. Present information in written, audio, and tactical formats will increase retention among people with different learning styles.
    2. Have a clear agenda to ensure you stay on track and don’t miss important information.
    3. Take breaks. Learning a whole new technology can be overwhelming for a lot of people; make sure to take frequent breaks allowing people to recharge and come back ready to learn.
    4. Encourage participants to ask questions and give hypothetical, real-life examples.




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Ten-Point Checklist: Building an Awesome Salesforce Training Program

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

Ten-Point Checklist: Building an Awesome Salesforce Training Program

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.