Salesforce Spring ‘23 Release Notes & Highlights

Salesforce Spring '23 New Release

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The #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform, Salesforce, is continuously innovating to deliver optimal performance for its end users.

Our expert consultant, Claire, reviewed the upcoming Salesforce Spring ’23 product release to give you an overview of the new digital improvements and enhancements that will bring users the most value. These innovations aim to improve performance in important business areas including

  1. Sales
  2. Services
  3. Marketing
  4. Commerce
  5. Financial Services
  6. Salesforce Flow Builder

As always, our team is more than willing to assist, consult and guide you with these Salesforce new features. If you have any questions, simply reach out to the Big Bang Team.

1. Sales

In this Spring ‘23 release of Sales Cloud, one of Salesforce’s aims was to boost sales agents’ efficiency by increasing the flexibility and automation of their processes. Many elements from Productivity, Core Sales, and Pipeline Inspection were created and enhanced to accomplish this.

Collaborative Forecasts

Utilizing Lightning App Builder, creating custom forecast pages is now possible to fit your business needs more accurately. The forecast page interface has been improved and users can now follow predictions based on a unique date field.

Salesforce '23 Spring Release -collaborative_forecasts

Enterprise Territory Management

Previous assignment data can be used to pay salespeople according to the days they work in their regions. Managers can obtain additional information about that assignment data to plan sales better, pay employees fairly, and analyze sales performance.

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - custom reports using Territory models

Fig.: Users can create custom reports using Territory models and objects to review relevant data.

Pipeline Inspection

Salespeople are now able to monitor the health of their pipeline and display how deals evolve over a selected period of time using sets of metrics.

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - Pipeline Inspection

Fig.: The Pipeline Inspection feature helps sales teams pinpoint which deals to focus on and future steps to take. 

In a Pipeline Inspection list view, it is also now possible for users to edit opportunities of any record type faster by editing fields inline.

Sales Productivity

Enhancements related to Sales Productivity include

  • The new To-Do List: available throughout Salesforce, this list allows users to view all the tasks that have been assigned to them.
  • Einstein Activity Capture: users can control email and event associations through their interfaces with Google and Outlook.
  • The Executive Involved email insight: this feature is available to more users

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - To Do List in Sales Productivity

Fig.: Users may view, sort, and organize all of their tasks in a single usable view with the To Do List docked in the Utility Bar.

2. Services

With their enlarged selection of updates in Service Cloud features such as Swarming, Routing, and Knowledge, this new release seeks to provide practical, flexible service.


Service businesses may engage at scale with experts, resolve customer issues, and report on swarming participation and impact with the capabilities provided by swarming with the power of Service Cloud.

The Salesforce Spring ‘23 Release allows users to view more comprehensive swarm reports with more granular support for objects and lookup fields.

The Expert Finder’s list of skills was expanded for agents to easily find their ideal expert, with the right skill combination, to add to the swarm.

Service Cloud can be used to swarm on client issues from Slack by incorporating conversations in a Salesforce record, building knowledge articles from Slack messages, and creating Customer Service Incident Management records directly from the Slack app.


In the Agent Summary and Skills Backlog tabs of Omni Supervisor, it is now possible to filter by talent more precisely. This helps users easily determine the skill sets they need by creating a list of tasks that call for each of the chosen skills.

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - Routing


With the aim of helping your company to analyze Knowledge articles’ performance and determine who is participating the most in writing these articles, out-of-the-box Knowledge reports and dashboards have been added.

These insights into CRM Analytics data will help users to provide their customers with relevant and impactful content.

3. Marketing

You can now use Engagement Studio programs to take action on prospects in third-party applications thanks to the Marketing Cloud update.

Account Engagement: External Actions

Engagement Studio initiatives are given a boost by automatically enrolling prospects in webinars, sending them SMS texts, adding new leads to Salesforce, and more. Since external actions are based on invocable actions, you can alter them to suit your company’s requirements.

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - Set up a marketing app extension

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - Marketing

Fig.: Set up a marketing app extension and collaborate with your developer to establish the invocable action that best suits your use case for each third-party app used to communicate with prospects.

4. Commerce

New and enhanced functionality for B2B and B2B2C commerce, Omnichannel inventory, Salesforce order management, and Salesforce payments are among the improvements made to the Commerce Cloud platform.

B2B Commerce and B2B2C Enhancements

Adding new languages and selling in more countries are made easier thanks to the enhanced global selling tools:

  • The new tax solution allows you to quickly set up taxes.
  • The revised priority rules and increased promotion features, such as promotion caps, are new features that your company can utilize.
  • Additional directions were added for product imports.
  • Users can now create a B2C store on an existing website and use expressions in the component text fields.

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - B2B Commerce and B2B2C Enhancements

You do not need to connect a third-party tax calculation provider for tax percent calculations at the country level if your B2B or B2C store employs gross taxation, with taxes already included in the product prices. Instead, you can simply set up the tax rate by using the inbuilt Salesforce tax solution.

5. Financial Services

Increasing client satisfaction and building confidence while lowering service costs was the focus of this new release of the Financial Services Cloud. In that context, the Actionable Relationship Center was improved and simplified.

Actionable Relationship Center (ARC)

This ARC upgrade allows users to display even more pertinent customer relationship data: users can utilize ARC graph templates to speed up the creation of graphs, add their own customizations with Einstein Relationship Insights, and more.

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - Actionable Relationship Center B2C

Fig.: B2C Graph

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - Actionable Relationship Center B2B

Fig.: B2B Graph

By providing pre-configured nodes that depict relationships for Business to Customer and Business to Business clients, two templates give you a head start when developing graphs.

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - ARC Einstein Relationship Insights

Fig.: Utilize deeper relationship insights from the new ARC Einstein Relationship Insights component to develop stronger client interactions.

6. Salesforce Flow Builder

Salesforce brought multiple updates to their Flow Builder. Here are some of the actions that can now be taken to compose more intelligent flows.

Adding lookup fields to flow screens

Dynamic Forms for Flow now makes it simple to add Lookup fields to flow screens and produce records directly from the Lookup field. Drag your selected Lookup field into the Records tab by hovering over a Lookup field from the record resource.

Selecting several options in Dynamic Forms

End users can now pick numerous items from a multi-select picklist field with greater ease and clarity. Drag a Multi-select Picklist field from your record resource into the screen editor by hovering over it on the Records tab.

Seeing element descriptions on the Flow Canvas

In Auto-Layout, understanding what each element is doing within a flow is simpler. Previously, the element needed to be opened in order to see the user-provided description.

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - Flow canvas

Fig.: View an element’s user-provided description by hovering next to the element

Obtain a streamlined Flow Element Menu

With element descriptions in tooltips, finding what you’re looking for in the flow element menu of Auto-Layout is quicker.

Salesforce '23 Spring Release - Flow Element Menu

Fig.: Simply hover over to view an element’s description within an element menu

Salesforce Spring ‘23 Release Next Steps

When will these features take effect? Some features in the Spring ‘23 release apply to all users and immediately took effect when the release went live. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality. Talk to your administrator – and we’ll help you out.

For the detailed release notes: Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes.

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Salesforce Spring ‘23 Release Notes & Highlights

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