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As a boutique consulting firm, we pride ourselves in our ability to analyze a company’s requirements and offer tangible business solutions. It was clear to us that partnering up with ServiceNow was the ideal next step towards ensuring that we continue to offer companies solutions that are of value and tailored to their needs. ServiceNow aligns with our focus on streamlining processes to be as efficient as possible, as well as promoting quality, responsiveness, and transparency in the service we offer our clients. With the ability to integrate with NetSuite and Salesforce, ServiceNow proves to be an essential tool for companies wishing to leave their unstructured and inefficient workflows behind.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based company, with solutions suited for companies of all sizes. Its services range from Service Management, IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, to IT Business Solutions, allowing you to control all aspects of your business in one convenient space.

Offering ‘Everything-as-a-service’, Customer Service, HR, IT, Government, Security and business apps are no longer secluded from one another. They work in cohesion, allowing for one to have a global understanding and visibility as a shared data model.

There are processes in all companies, however, they sometimes don’t correlate or flow between the vertical silos. This then affects your service, delivery, and your profitability. ServiceNow connects organizations with their employees and their employees with their clients. A natural, fluid information flow that takes companies out of disconnected and outdated models into the future of business.

What ServiceNow’s software allows us to do is to stop wasting our time on outdated communications, time-consuming administrative tasks, and difficult to find resources, and really focus on projects that create value for our company and those involved. Processes and workflows are automated, and the information is available at our fingertips, from anywhere.

Companies can resolve customer issues in no time, increasing customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. (Pretty win-win, if you ask me!)

ServiceNow is also customized for mobility with real-time KPIs and service dashboards. Incredibly user-friendly, you can get all your information in one place, and communicate using the same application. With the flow of information across the board, companies can speed up problem resolution and be proactive, as well as anticipate events such as service outages. Employees also benefit from this software by using the self-service feature offered, allowing them to make requests and manage HR. This allows you to manage their expectations and increase their productivity.

At Big Bang ERP, we offer you the service quality of boutique consulting firms, combined with the expertise often found in larger consulting companies. Our dedicated consultants take the time to understand your business needs to create solutions that will save you both time and money, as well as increase productivity with integrated cloud solutions. We are very excited about our partnership with ServiceNow, believing, as mentioned previously, that it is the perfect solution to come complement our portfolio of offerings to our clients.

If you have any questions about ServiceNow and how it might be right for you and your business please feel to contact us for a free consultation.

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