Have No Fear your SuiteSuccess Answers are Here!

Have no fear, your suite success answers are here

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Last month at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld in Las Vegas there were a few big announcements made by Oracle + NetSuite, but what truly caught my eye was their “0 to Cloud in 100 Days” SuiteSuccess customer engagement methodology designed with Wholesale, Retail, Software/Internet and Nonprofit best practices in mind.

Anyone who’s ever gone through an ERP selection process knows that finding the right solution and making it fit within the organization can be an arduous task. What’s more, once you’ve decided on a solution, there’s still a long and complex implementation process to finally get you over the finish line.  

NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess™ solution is a strategic response to the aches and pains of lengthy implementations. Built on the accumulated knowledge of countless successful ERP implementations, SuiteSuccess leverages best practices to create efficient, industry-specific solutions.

Is this a new product?

NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess solution is not a new product, but a new methodology.  SuiteSuccess is designed to get you up and running on NetSuite in 100 days by deploying ready-built best practices in your NetSuite instance.

How is this different from a regular implementation?

Standard implementations tend to take the approach of customizing the solution to the client’s current processes. The problem with this is that there’s no guarantee that those processes are optimal.

SuiteSuccess has taken industry-specific recommended practices from hundreds of NetSuite clients and distilled them down to those proven to help businesses improve.

Rather than trying to shoehorn a solution into your business, SuiteSuccess helps you align with proven strategies so you can get up and running smarter and faster.

Can anyone take advantage of SuiteSuccess?

SuiteSuccess is best suited for small and medium sized businesses looking to replace outdated or inefficient systems. While the methodology is open to anyone, any NetSuite client looking for substantial customization may not be a good fit.

What if I already have NetSuite?

Sorry, friend – because SuiteSuccess is an implementation methodology, it is only open to new customers.

Is this going to cost me more?

No! While there is a slight increase in upfront costs, the objective of SuiteSolutions is to get clients up and running – and experiencing the cost reductions associated with increased efficiency – faster than ever before. In short: the implementation costs are typically lower and the path to realized value is a lot shorter.

I object – no two businesses are exactly alike!

What we’ve found over time as NetSuite solution providers, is that customizing a solution is often a lengthy journey that inevitably leads back to common practices among verticals. While it is, of course, the case that no two businesses are exactly alike, there remain certain things that are common among all businesses and industries.

While your business may be the exception, chances are good that you’re among the growing number of firms benefitting from NetSuite’s proven methodology.

How do I find out more about SuiteSuccess?  

The best way to find out more about SuiteSuccess and whether it is a good fit for you is to reach out to your friendly neighbourhood NetSuite solution provider to chat about where you are and where you’re hoping to go with a new ERP.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Have No Fear your SuiteSuccess Answers are Here!

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

Have No Fear your SuiteSuccess Answers are Here!

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.