ERP implementation: How to make it a success?

ERP Implementation: How to Make it a Success

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Enterprise resource planning, often simply referred to as ERP, has become an increasingly important software in today’s business environment. With so many administrative elements that go into crafting a successful business plan, ERP software can play a vital role in consolidating your data so you can fine-tune your business efforts and achieve the best outcomes for your company.

But how do you make ERP implementation a success? A few key practices ensure that your use of ERP will have a positive result on your business.

The importance of the preparatory process

First, it is important to realize that much of the work regarding ERP implementation takes place before you even begin to use the software. ERP utilizes data from a wide range of business tasks, ranging from product planning to marketing and finances. Because of this, implementing ERP software often results in a change to several of your company’s practices, especially in regards to data collection and reporting.

Preparing for these changes is key. Prior to ERP implementation, businesses should conduct an in-depth analysis of their processes so they can identify areas where modernization and other changes are needed. This will make it easier to adapt processes in accordance with what the ERP software provides. In many cases, it may be necessary to provide training to employees and management alike to increase understanding of how these changes will have a positive impact on the company. By identifying and addressing ineffective processes in advance, your company will be better prepared to make the changes suggested by ERP system.

Another part of this preparatory process is making sure that all vital data is moved to the ERP system. Since ERP software relies on data to track resources and improve information flow in an organization, it is essential that necessary data from all relevant parts of the business are migrated to the ERP software.

The value of customization in ERP implementation

It is also beneficial to consider the value of customization in ERP implementation. While ERP software is geared to help companies bring their activities in line with industry best practices, some businesses—especially those in unique niche industries—may find that some customization is necessary to fine-tune their results and gain a stronger competitive advantage.

ERP extensions often provide valuable additional features to help customize a company’s ERP software, including tools to assist with advanced planning and scheduling (APS) or the capture of transactional data. By using these and other customization options, your company will have everything it needs to successfully use ERP software.

Take advantage of the data and resources it provides

Of course, the most important part of making the most out of your ERP implementation is to actually take advantage of the data and resources it provides. By centralizing your data, ERP software allows your management team to access the information they need, when they need it, by bringing all your data into a single, centralized system. This makes it easier to manage the separate elements of your business, which can subsequently improve your company’s overall efficiency levels and its ability to deliver quality results for customers.

But these benefits will only happen if your team takes full advantage of ERP software. As mentioned earlier, this will likely involve streamlining the way your company makes managerial decisions. If your company doesn’t already have a flexible, agile work culture, making these adaptations can prove to be a challenge.

Even when your company makes the initial changes suggested by ERP implementation, you can’t be complacent. One of the primary goals of ERP implementation is to allow your company to become more flexible and continue to adapt as needed. The impact of social media on traditional communication outlets has already demonstrated that an adaptable and flexible mindset is what will keep your business alive in the years to come.

While ERP implementation requires a decent amount of work, taking these necessary steps will allow your company to make better use of its data and become more efficient than ever before. To find our more about how Big Bang manages the process, visit the Big Bang Migration Service page.

We’ve also published a complete ERP Implementation Guide where you can learn how the process, benefits, and how to prepare for an implementation.


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ERP implementation: How to make it a success?

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ERP implementation: How to make it a success?

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.