A multi-product solution for Gerotech Inc.

The Challenge

Working with limited resources Gerotech Inc. was facing challenges integrating separate CRM and ERP systems.

The Solution

A multi-product cloud solution integration to spark sustainable fast growth and competitive edge for the manufacturing firm.

The Benefits

Better visibility on daily activities, efficient allocation of resources, and confidence in always having necessary training and support.

A multi-product solution for Gerotech Inc.

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The Right Solution for Your Business Might Require Multiple Systems – Who Can Handle It?

To sustain fast growth, manufacturing companies have migrated to the cloud to maintain their competitive advantages in a disrupting market. However, it is not always easy to know where to start. Without proper guidance, the decisions made can damage your operations and slow departments, instead of helping the business evolve and streamline business processes. It was the case for Gerotech who turned to Ultra consultants and Big Bang for what they could do to recover in with the execution of their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation for their complex business model.

About Gerotech

Gerotech is a family-owned manufacturers’ representative company. It was founded in 1987 with the purpose of becoming the middleman between manufacturers of machines and tools and final users. They acquire the machines from suppliers, their best-seller being the CNC Machine type tools by Haas Automation, and distribute them to customers by shipping them directly. They also offer their customers the option to redesign the tool according to their business needs, relevant services related to the machines, and a complimentary warranty of at least one year.

About Ultra Consultants

Ultra Consultants is an independent research and enterprise solutions consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries throughout North America, as well as companies with global operations. Since 1994, Ultra has delivered enterprise technology expertise and process management to drive business performance improvement for our clients.

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The Problem

Gerotech was using Salesforce to manage their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and had decided to implement another Lightning Platform solution for their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Rootstock cloud ERP for manufacturing.

Unfortunately, a few issues occurred during the implementation phase. Gerotech wanted to provide its tech team with the right resources and training to properly configure the cloud solution. It is only through this knowledge that they will be able to use Rootstock efficiently since it is relatively new software. However, it is important to note that as Rootstock increases its own resources, many external parties are acquiring expertise as well.

Other pain points included:

  • Limited resources and experience to achieve the desired outcome
  • Lack of organization and applicable documentation related to the different cloud solutions in place
  • Accounting issues
  • Lack of training related to the tool

The Solution

While trying to find a way to keep up with their new solution, Gerotech turned to Ultra Consultants for holistic optimization of Gerotech’s internal business processes. After Ultra’s evaluation, they determined that the best way to complete their implementation was to turn to a trusted solution provider who would help them improve their business model and complete the cloud implementation. Ultra Consultants suggested a few options, but the choice was easy since Big Bang was the only firm with extensive experience with all the cloud solutions Gerotech requested: Salesforce CRM, Rootstock ERP, and FinancialForce.

When Gerotech first met the Big Bang team, they felt confident they were in good hands immediately because they had finally found the solution to their growing problem. The consultants at Big Bang did not hesitate to provide Gerotech with everything they requested and show them they were worthy of their trust – leveraging both their deep expertise and responsive approach.

Big Bang helped Gerotech optimize their Rootstock efficiently by completing a personalized implementation, including – building flows for inventory and order processes, weekly sessions, etc. However, the customer shared that the real value of having Big Bang as a partner is that they contribute to the long-term success of the business by offering training sessions, instructions, and developing user manuals so all team members can grow their skills independently with the support of Big Bang.

“Big Bang didn’t only help us with the implementation, they also taught us how to be self-sufficient and use our resources effectively. The team showed us there are many ways to do a task, not only one. We can just pick the one that works for us.”

– Allison Roelofs, Chief Financial Officer, Gerotech

Another unplanned outcome of the proper implementation was offering the Gerotech team and staff the flexibility to work remotely because they could access all information, in real-time from anywhere – across all departments.

“Using the cloud benefits of working remotely to allow our staff to have a flexible schedule improved employee satisfaction and we are already seeing positive results in productivity.”

– Allison Roelofs, Chief Financial Officer, Gerotech

In only a few short weeks, after a long journey internally, Gerotech saw tremendous progress. They are very happy with the Salesforce platform, and thanks to Ultra Consultants and Big Bang, they have better visibility of day-to-day activities. They can focus on other income-generating activities and evolve faster.

“We were very happy with Big Bang. They brought this project back to life and helped us put our priorities in line and allocate our resources efficiently. We know we can always count on them for support.”

– Allison Roelofs, Chief Financial Officer, Gerotech

Ultra Consultants’ Strategic Approach to Technology Selection

Ultra’s approach consists of improving their clients’ business processes to achieve better outcomes by analyzing the current state of an organization’s processes, identifying gaps and process issues, and analyzing their requirements through business process mapping.

Once the problem is identified, they develop “future state” opportunities, or business process reengineering, to find solutions and promote their clients’ growth.

To find out more about Ultra Consultants, click here.

Advice: Trust Your Instincts!

“I wish I would have trusted my instincts a little bit more and realized earlier on that the team wouldn’t be able to take on the expected amount of activity put into the solution because – especially a new solution with limited resources. If we had found Big Bang sooner, we would not have wasted time [resources and energy] on attempting to do it by ourselves with no support.”

– Allison Roelofs, Chief Financial Officer, Gerotech

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A multi-product solution for Gerotech Inc.

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

A multi-product solution for Gerotech Inc.

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.