2015 Cloud Computing Predictions


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I am just putting the finishing touches on Big Bang ERPs employee growth plan for 2015 and in doing so, I am forced to consider what is in store for cloud-computing in the coming year. I have always believed in the power of cloud solutions, and have spent the past number of years leading a great team of consultants in the implementation of hundreds of CRM and ERP solutions.

I’ve compiled my top 5 predictions for cloud-computing in 2015. Whether or not I am right, I am sure that 2015 will be an exciting year, I know it will be here at Big Bang ERP!

Mobile Computing

SaaS solutions have long touted the work anywhere, at anytime mantra, but 2015 will see an explosion of computing on a mobile device. Smartphones are getting larger and tablets more affordable, that coupled with responsive UI (user interface) design, we are sure to see an influx in accessing cloud solutions on the go.

Advanced Analytics

As the amount of data being generated by systems increases and the seemingly vast amount of information enterprises wish to analyse grows, analytics will take center stage. Not to mention that every new application that comes out the door seems to have some sort of analytics capabilities. Today’s organizations need to manage how to best to filter the huge amounts of data coming from CRM and ERP systems, social media, eCommerce platforms or even wearable devices. On top of that, they then need to deliver the right information to the right person, at the right time. According to the IDC, by 2017, 80% of the CIO’s time will be focused on analytics, cybersecurity, and creating new revenue streams through digital services.

Web-Scale IT

Web-Scale IT is a term first introduced by Gartner in 2013 as a way to describe the pattern of computing that delivers the capabilities of large cloud service providers within an enterprise setting. As more organization begin thinking, acting and building solutions like the Amazons, Googles and Facebooks of the world, the way of approaching applications and infrastructure will change, predominantly by using DevOps. DevOps is a term applied to a software development method that stresses communication and Integration between developers and IT professionals. By 2015, 60% of CIOs will use DevOps as their primary tool to address the speed and sprawl of mobile, cloud, and open source applications, states the IDC. How companies look at industrial data centers, web-oriented architectures, programmable management, agile processes, a collaborative organization style and promoting a culture of learning are a few of the areas that will trigger this Web-Scale IT growth. These changes will over course not happen immediately, but will evolve over time as hardware platforms embrace the new models and their approaches reach mainstream.


Speed to market has become a main driver for software success. Those who lag behind, will be left behind. The corporate customer is becoming more savvy when it comes to knowing what they want, and how flexible a solution is has become a key driver for cloud adoption. The ability to scale, develop and change without incurring additional cost to the enterprise will become one of the main influencers for choosing a cloud-based application.

The Hybrid Cloud

They hybrid cloud is you guessed it, an amalgamation of at least one private cloud and at least one public cloud. This concept gives organizations a way to manage workloads across multiple public or private clouds. A little over a year ago, research firm Gartner reported that hybrid cloud deployments were rare, but that nearly 75 percent of large enterprises were expected to have them by 2015. Despite its seemingly impending popularity, adopting hybrid cloud services isn’t going to be a walk in the park.


Well there you have it folks, my top 5 predictions for cloud computing in 2015.

Gabriel Tupula

Chief Executive Officer
Gabriel’s cumulative experience is in information systems, software development and internet marketing allowing him to be a creative problem solver and a results-oriented project manager. As an analytical thinker, Gabriel is uniquely able to see the big picture and create a roadmap to tangible results – plus he has the drive and ability to cross the finish line. He can reconcile the gaps between advanced technological concepts and practical applications, even filling in for employees or full departments when needed…

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2015 Cloud Computing Predictions

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2015 Cloud Computing Predictions

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