Top 5 FinancialForce Features for Fall Release


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FinancialForce is getting ready for the full release of Fall 2018 and we have firsthand knowledge regarding the new functionalities that will be included. Following this month’s FinancialForce Release Preview (which are repeated each month), we were able to aggregate a snapshot of the work in progress, to share the information with you.

Within the release preview sessions, each product owner presents new features to FinancialForce customers, partners, and employees. The goal is for the research and development teams to collect feedback.

Read on to learn about some of the most interesting new features being released in the Fall 2018 release.

1. Services Forecasting – UI Prototype Preview

This is an interesting addition to businesses who find it challenging to efficiently forecast the delivered revenue in order to run a predictable services business. This being said, FinancialForce’s new release introduces a solution to this need. With the new Interactive UI displaying forecast, including drilling down through the Region, Practice or Group hierarchy, drilling down to see the Projects and Opportunities that make up an R, P, G level value and optional overrides for calculated values.




2. Baseline & Versioning

Many improvements will be made with the new update in terms of Project Versioning and Baseline. This feature typically allows users to capture read-only data snapshots of a project to facilitate project planning and tracking. The update will allow several new functionalities such as:

  • Setting what objects and fields are captured for a custom capture configuration.
  • A Fullscreen UI for Version Management Settings, providing an easier view for users to navigate.
  • Displaying all objects captured as cards via the Compare Versions Overview, as well as displaying all fields captured as columns via the card Details view.

3. Gantt Re-design

A third feature to look out for refers to the Gantt Redesign. The PSA Project Task Gantt allows users to create and manage project tasks to facilitate project planning, progress tracking, and management. In the new update, users will have an improved user experience, they will be able to implement new features such as WBS and existing capabilities will be ameliorated.

4. Project Visual Indicators

Visual Indicators allow users to track and report on the overall status of the project. Through color-coded fields in project object, the health of a strategy is indicated and decisions can be made in real time. . This new features will consist of three color-coded fields that can be updated via associated picklist fields. These fields can be updated manually or with the help of Salesforce Platform tools like Process Builder or Workflow Rules.

Note: these new fields can be added to layouts, list views, and reports.



5. Enable Files Support for Expenses through Feature Console

Now, you can add opt-in Files Support for PSA Expense UI’s, enabling users to:

  • Attach receipts to the “Files” related list directly from the Multi-Expense Entry UI
  • Combine receipts from both the “Files” and “Notes and Attachments” related lists inside the Combine Attachments UI

Moreover, in order to drive Salesforce Lightning adoption, the Feature Console will display a new setting where the above can be activated with a single click!


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Top 5 FinancialForce Features for Fall Release

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Top 5 FinancialForce Features for Fall Release

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