The Mirror Review Recognizes Big Bang as One of The 20 Top Companies to Work For In 2020

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Big Bang ERP: Maximizing the Success of Cloud Business Transformation

For any company to grow in the long run, it is highly important to understand the role of balancing. However, companies nowadays have shifted their focus more on providing better services and products, resulting in dilution of its focus from the employees. Sooner or later, these companies get to understand the importance of keeping a perfect balance between its employees and its clients. More importantly, it is vital to always keep its workforce motivated because it is they who build the services and serve the clients.

Understanding the importance of employees’ expertise, Big Bang ERP focuses on the career growth of the employee by offering them hands-on experience and soft skills training, including biweekly coaching, quarterly reviews and mentorship. Further, to enhance their skills and development, it provides hands-on experience with the customer even as an intern with deep industry learning. Each team member needs to vested in the success of the customers, balancing both delivering results to customers as well as engaging in learning opportunities.

Offering Vast Portfolio of Cloud Solutions

Big Bang ERP is a boutique consulting firm helping businesses to optimize and streamline the processes by implementing cloud solutions. Its highly skilled team of experts works with organizations to achieve exceptional business improvements so that companies can focus on what they do best rather than on non-value-added activities. The company offers professional services and enterprise advice (Business Process Review) related to several cloud systems, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Information Technology System Management (ITSM) systems and other applications. Additionally, it also provides services such as implementation, rescue (for mismanaged implementations that need saving), integration, migration, customization, support, training and even business systems advisory (BSA). The company analyzes its clients’ business needs and recommends the best solution from its vast portfolio of cloud solutions and provide the necessary services related to the products. Its leading core products include NetSuite ERP, Salesforce CRM, Mavenlink, Rootstock ERP, ServiceNow, and FinancialForce.

A Creative Problem Solver

Gabriel TupulaCEO of Big Bang ERP, has cumulative experience in information systems, software development and internet marketing, allowing him to be a creative problem solver and a result-oriented project manager. As an analytical thinker, he is uniquely able to see the big picture and create a roadmap to tangible results—plus, he has the drive and ability to cross the finish line. Further, he reconciles the gaps between advanced technological concepts and practical applications, even filling in for employees or full departments when needed at his boutique consulting firm. He is always willing to adapt his strategies to meet the needs of his clients, as each business is unique in its processes. As a particle designer, he aims to use existing tools and out-of-the-box solutions to create a perfect fit with a client’s requirements and business culture. Gab’s dedication to ongoing professional development allows him to keep abreast of the rapid changes in technology and offer clients the most up-to-date business solutions. He is the president of his executive networking chapter, Corporate Connections, a board member of the SDC District Central—Société Développement Commercial and a contributing member of the Forbes Tech Council.

Great Leadership Equals Happy Culture

For a company to be effective in the long run, it needs a happy culture and exceptional leadership. Big Bang ERP’s culture is defined by the great employees who work there. The team is made up of talented individuals who strive to think up the most creative and effective business solutions. The company has immense diversity as the employees come from different career paths including, engineering, IT and business. Employees working at Big Bang ERP have a great chance to learn from and collaborate with the best of the employees.

From the first day at Big Bang ERP, the employee is presented with an opportunity to interact with the clients and is also encouraged to tap into the fellow teammate’s knowledge and experience through mentorship. Ramping up in Big Bang ERP’s knowledge-sharing environment is easy, and participation in the growing library of technical resources is encouraged. Furthermore, every employee’s career path is clearly outlined, and as performance increases, so do the responsibilities. By working at Big Bang ERP, employees have the opportunity to create a personalized plan for the optimal career path.

Investing in Employees by Providing Additional Benefits

In addition to offering competitive salaries, Big Bang ERP also provides a whole list of employee benefits such as:

  • work from home options
  • travel opportunities
  • continuous employee training and development
  • group insurance, RRSP plans, and foundation investment opportunities
  • subsidized public transportation passes
  • sponsored corporate events including the company retreat
  • trendy office with snack bar and free parking
  • in-house yoga and fitness classes and an onsite certified health coach
  • access to the latest, greatest technologies
  • weekly happy hours with craft beers
  • Birth-day-OFF (yeah, everyone gets the day off on their birthday!)
  • concierge services like car washes, tire change, dry cleaning and manicure salon
  • fun extras when you need a little break in the day like the badminton court in the back office, loft chill space, or a karaoke machine!

Big Bang ERP is committed to helping build stronger communities beyond just their immediate team. They participate in annual charity events like volunteering at city food banks at Christmas and competing as a team in a charity soccer tournament.

Further to keep the employees motivated, Big Bang ERP organizes corporate events at regular intervals of time such as sugar shack where group innovation presentations & team building activities were on the menu alongside the usual maple syrup sugar rush and apple cider. Summer BBQ is another great example where employees were divided into six tribes battled it out for the honor of Big Bang ERP Survivor champion. Christmas Party and Corporate retreat are some of the yearly events. All these activities and outing helps in team bonding and also keeps the environment light.

Celebrating Milestones

Big Bang ERP recognizes and celebrates milestones of its every employee. It celebrates anniversaries of every individual at monthly meetings and happy hours, and for those who complete five years, CEO appreciates their loyalty and dedication by giving a speech with a presentation. Additionally, every annual milestone is recognized with an employee gift, from a laptop cover to a jersey, even an iPad! Big Bang ERP continuously gathers feedback and generates business inputs via surveys conducted in a web-based employee engagement platform. During its monthly meeting, it reviews trends as a direction group and talks about the results and addresses any issues. The company has an internal metric that it reports on for both employee satisfaction and engagement in the surveys.

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The Mirror Review Recognizes Big Bang as One of The 20 Top Companies to Work For In 2020

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The Mirror Review Recognizes Big Bang as One of The 20 Top Companies to Work For In 2020

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.