Salesforce Winter ‘21 Release: Our Favorite Features

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Salesforce Winter 21 Release Our Favorite Features

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Salesforce’s Winter ‘21 release is finally here. Below you will find our top 5 favorite updates.

Workflow updates

Record deletion

This update is a big one and will simplify so many processes. It is now possible to delete records using workflows. It used to be possible only via scripting, so it was a more challenging task for people who weren’t very programmatic. This newly upgraded feature now works quite simply: from Flow Builder go to Record-Triggered Flow and select the trigger “A record is deleted.”

Debug Flows

Another nice feature added to workflows is the Debug Flow functionality. To better understand where the issue is coming from, the debug can be run as a specific user. This option can be checked in the Debug section, located in the Flow Builder. Hence, the testing process will be a lot simpler and easier for everyone involved in it.

Autolayout functionality

Salesforce improved their workflows with yet another fun functionality. When you create a new workflow, the layout can automatically adjust itself by clicking the + icon to add new elements instead of dragging them from the panel. Also, it is now possible to copy and paste certain elements of the workflow.

Dynamic forms for page layouts

Through these new layouts, it is now possible to customize a “mini-page layout” that can be placed anywhere on the page through the Lightning App builder. This will allow any fields to be displayed anywhere on the page, not just in the “Details” tab. What else comes in handy? The possibility to put “visibility rules.” These rules will allow the forms to show components depending on conditions. For example, this can be useful if the form needs to show different information according to the user’s profile.

Analyze Lightning Page Performance

This brand new feature is incredibly helpful when loading times are really slow and you just don’t know why. The feature will pinpoint what is going on and what could be improved. Example: if some fields or related lists are causing the page to slow down. The feature will be convenient for Admins since it will be reachable by just a click of the “Analyze” button.

Emailing functionalities

Email Builder

Before, if you didn’t have any HTML knowledge, it was quite hard to build a good-looking professional email template. Now, with this new WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) feature, it is easier than ever to build templates. The user can now drag-and-drop different elements in the template.

Scheduled emailing list

It is now possible for users to schedule email blasts through a predefined list. Previously, this feature was available for a single email, but not a whole list.

Bounced-Back Management

Bounced-back emails are a pain point that we can’t really control. But, Salesforce just came up with new functionality that will make it easier to manage. Whenever an email address bounces back, Salesforce will automatically update any Lead or contact with the same email address as a bounced back address.

Salesforce Anywhere

Finally, in this Winter ‘21 release, users will benefit from expanded real-time remote functionalities.  Salesforce Anywhere is a collaborative tool developed to help businesses better navigate through this “new normal” we’re currently living in. It allows users to:

  • collaborate on the same records at the same time
  • integrate with Zoom, allowing to launch a call directly from Salesforce
  • chat in real-time

Take note that this tool is currently in beta mode.

This was only a brief overview of all these innovative new features. We invite you to go check out Salesforce Release notes (HTML version | PDF version)to learn more about the other updates.

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Salesforce Winter ‘21 Release: Our Favorite Features

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Salesforce Winter ‘21 Release: Our Favorite Features

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.