Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release: Top 10 Features for Admins

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iphone showing Salesforce Lightning new mobile app feature and dashboard interface

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The Salesforce Spring 2020 Release has some fascinating new features that will benefit your business. As your trusted business advisors, Big Bang is excited to present to you what we think are the top ten essential features to help your users, administrators and developers get the most out of Salesforce.


New Lightning Experience features are now available with the Salesforce Lightning Extension for Google Chrome. When installed, you will see a blue Lightning icon appear at the right end of the address bar making it accessible directly from your browser’s navigator. 

Step-by-step configuration:

  1. Go the Chrome Web Store (Chrome Web Store)
  2. Search Lightning Extension in the Quick Find search bar and download the extension.
  3. On your browser’s navigator, click the blue Lightning icon located at the right end of the address bar.
    You can now select the features you want to enable.

New Salesforce Lightning Extension for Google Chrome with Dark Mode and Link Grabber features enabled.


The new Clone with related records feature gives you the possibility to clone objects with their affiliated record (referred to as deep clones). This latest action represents a huge productivity boost for sales users!

 Step-by-step configuration:

  1. Open your org and open Object Manager.
  2. Find the object you want to clone and select Page Layouts.
  3. Add the Clone with related records action to the object’s Page Layout and click Save.


Yes, URL hacks are now back in Lightning! For those not familiar with URL hacking, it means that you can enhance a Salesforce record’s URL with additional parameters to pre-populate a specific field. 

In other terms, by changing the information contained in a record’s URL, you can change its functionality. For example, you can use URL hacks to do some automation, like filling a new record in Salesforce or sending an email with pre-populated information.


Having to delete items individually or switch to Salesforce Classic to empty your org’s Recycle Bin is now a thing of the past. Yes! You can now empty your Salesforce org’s Recycle Bin in Lightning Experience with one single click.

Empty Org Recycle Bin with one click in Salesforce Lightning


This new feature is a must if you are looking to boost your agents’ productivity. Based on case data, Einstein Article Recommendation uses an intelligent natural language processing engine (NLP) to track data across multiple channels like SMS, Chatter and others to recommend your agents to most relevant articles.

Want to know more good news? Einstein Article Recommendation is straightforward to set up with all out-of-the-box Salesforce components. 


This new update only applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise and Unlimited editions. It gives you the capability to try Einstein Prediction Builder at no additional cost! Going to a Freemium Model, you will now have access to one free prediction on any object. 

Also, with Filter-Based Predictions, you can now show top predictors on records to see which field values have the most significant impact on a specific record’s score.


Permission Sets Group is a brand new Salesforce feature now available. Instead of having to assign multiple Permissions Sets to users manually, it is now possible to group Permission Sets and assign that group to a user. 

This new feature provides the flexibility to assign multiple Permission Sets to a Custom Permission Set Group or a Managed Permission Set Group that comes from a managed package. 

On top of that, Salesforce is now looking to build something called Standard Permission Set Group (a bit like standard profiles that come out-of-the-box). They represent the typical job functions that Salesforce defined and recommend to get users started.


With this new feature, you can now apply to tasks the same queue logic as you already apply on cases or other objects. 

Yes, that’s right! You can now assign a task to any queue. The members of that queue can then take ownership of the task, making teamwork more natural and more efficient than ever before!

New Task in Salesforce Lightning Task Queue Assignment


With the new Salesforce app, you will be able to run your business on-the-go with an improved mobile experience. Yes! With low code mobile development, you can customize and build mobile apps faster than ever. The mobile app will track your activity and personalize its navigation, prioritizing the information you use the most.

Also, with Einstein Voice Assistant (Beta), users will be able to make actions like logging events, creating contacts or updating opportunities with Voice-Enabled functionality!

These are just 10 of the whopping 93 new features announced in the Salesforce Spring ’20 Release. If you’re interested in any of these features or the customization options available, it would be our pleasure to help. You can also learn more in the official Salesforce Spring ’20 Release Notes.


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Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release: Top 10 Features for Admins

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Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release: Top 10 Features for Admins

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.