Salesforce Chatter and Your Internal Corporate Communication

Salesforce Chatter

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Nowadays, it’s essential to promote effective internal communication amongst your team members as part of your business’ core values. Internal company communication builds rapport between employees, provides an outlet to highlight performance, and keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to new product and service offerings.

Internal communication tools gives everyone, from the C-suite to the middle managers to the executors, a place to feel connected.  The brand, messaging and vision of a company can also be reinforced through the type and style of communication that is being employed.

Salesforce Chatter is a leading enterprise social network that meets all these objectives, empowers employees and makes businesses more social and engaged. This technology can transform the way you and your team work.

1)    Get Answers Faster

Chatter connects the whole company and reinforces a collaborative culture. Connect with coworkers and get the answers you need to be the best you can.

2)    Brainstorm Ideas

Chatter promotes brainstorming and provides you with the capabilities to have open, collaborative discussions. When a great idea pops in your head, share it and get people involved.

3)    Share Large Files Effortlessly

With Chatter you can share more efficiently without clogging up mailboxes. Looking for the latest documents or updates? Look no further than chatter,  easily track changes and comment on files too!

4)    Share Knowledge, Websites, Articles, Videos & More

Chatter adopts a “need-to-share” culture for collective thinking within the company, a great starting point for future creativity and innovation.

You found important and relevant information you want to share? Go ahead and share it on Chatter! Plus, you can follow discussions, like posts or bookmark content for later.

5)    Manage Projects – Together

Chatter supports the creation of work groups to build high performing project teams through productive collaboration.

6)    Streamline Customer Service and Communication

Keep your customers satisfied and increase their loyalty by solving their problems instantly. Tap into the collective knowledge of your company, connect with experts and decision makers across the company, and find out which solutions are best for your customers.

7)    Benefit from Social Intelligence

Chatter recommends relevant people, files, and information for you to follow based on your activity and interests. Plus, you can search and track any topic to find information and identify experts.

8)    Collaborate Without Boundaries

Chatter breaks down the borders, delivering anytime, anywhere access to employees on the go, so that they can feel connected.

9)    Work with Confidence & Confidentially

Chatter’s security and privacy settings can be set to your comfort level. Private groups ensure conversations remain confidential without stopping the flow of ideas.

10)    Reduce Meeting Time

Instead of spending time in endless meetings working on customer presentations, post your slides, questions, and feedback on Chatter to save time. Chatter users report having 27% fewer meetings.

11)    Take Action Everywhere with Chatter on Mobile.

Wherever you are, make the most of every moment with custom mobile applications.


The business communication revolution has arrived.



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Salesforce Chatter and Your Internal Corporate Communication

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Salesforce Chatter and Your Internal Corporate Communication

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