Pulsar Magazine: 2022 Edition Launch

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MONTREAL, QUEBEC – January 25, 2022 – International, award-winning cloud-consulting firm, Big Bang, publishes the second edition of their free print and digital magazine called Pulsar. After the widespread success and positive feedback from last year’s edition, this version has launched just in time to kick off the new year.

With the aim to help customers leverage Big Bang thought leadership to remain on the cutting edge, Pulsar delivers the best-of-the-best, everlasting insights produced by the experts in the field. Amongst these articles, readers will find significant articles written by the CEO, Gabriel Tupula, adapted from the Forbes Technology Council and Forbes Business Council.

The editor and Big Bang Director of Marketing, Kimberly Marx, shares, “Big Bang has nearly doubled in size over the past two years. It’s fast-paced, intense, and exciting. In our second edition of Pulsar, we share the best-of-the-best, most popular, and everlasting thoughts from the past year that can help shape your outlook on 2022 and beyond.”

In the second edition of Pulsar, readers will find three key sections that will help set the tone for a successful year ahead. This includes a section on Best Practices which highlights notable standards to maintain, both relating to operations with cloud systems as well as the general running of a business. The other two sections cover Managing your Workforce and Future-Proofing your Business – two core principles business operators struggle to master as we move into our new “normal”.

Pulsar is available in English and in French, in digital and print formats:

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Leveraging innovation to deliver top-of-the-line digital and cloud solutions

  • Best Practices
  • Future-Proof Your Business
  • Managing Your Workforce

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About Big Bang
Big Bang is a consulting firm that helps organizations optimize and streamline processes through planning digital strategy, deploying business solutions, and creating organizational alignment. Our purpose is to create tangible value for our customers by helping them to streamline business systems including, connecting information between systems, aligning strategy with technology, and providing support to develop organizational expertise. Our vision is for all people, in every organization, to have direct access to the information that enables them to do their best work anywhere and every day. With headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and offices in France, Toronto, Mauritius, and the United States, we aim to serve enterprises of all sizes and industries worldwide.

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Kimberly Marx
Director of Marketing, Big Bang
+1 (514) 392-6730 or +33 (1) 84 88 80 70 x 140

Kimberly Marx

Director of Alliances and Marketing
Kimberly has an honours Bachelor’s in Commerce and is a Certified Health Coach. She has a decade of experience in the field of Marketing in Montreal, New York and Toronto. Kimberly worked at several marketing agencies with a focus on wellness and luxury brands. She is the recipient of the Notable Award for Best Marketers in Montreal. However, limiting her role to Marketing would be an understatement – she is much more than that. Kimberly handles all internal and external…

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Pulsar Magazine: 2022 Edition Launch

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

Pulsar Magazine: 2022 Edition Launch

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

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