“Ingeniously Clouded” CEO Edition: Big Bang Cover Story

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Big bang ERP- Your best ERP implementation partner

Deciding whether or not your business needs an ERP system can be an overwhelming decision. Costs involved in implementing ERP can sometimes throw off some companies due to concerns related to the ROI (Return on Investment) ratio. But recent implementations and usage of Cloud ERP solutions have proven to be extremely valuable. Integrating an ERP solution can change and expand your business in the best way possible when you have the right partner. Look for a partner who is professional, reliable, trustworthy and transparent.


Big Bang, a cloud solution consultancy firm established in Canada, might be the right choice for you if you are looking for expertise, skills and trusted business advisors.


How ERP is changing business as we know it

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) facilitates how businesses handle their real-time data and decision-making based on that data. Implementation of an ERP system can give businesses the freedom to have better visibility over their operations. Data in an ERP system is made available to every user and can be tailored and filtered based on the user role and requirements. All the departments in a company are integrated into the system and collaborations are made easy. Due to the easy collaboration and real-time visibility on data, business thrives at a much faster pace. Big Bang ERP, leading cloud ERP Solutions provider, spoke to us about the profitability of ERP. They said that customer can benefit from many advantages with successful ERP implementation, including, improved process efficiency, accurate forecasting, real-time data, better visibility, easier department collaboration, scalable resources, etc. All these factors can be achieved through the implementation of a cloud solution as long as you have a reliable partner.


Improved collaborations and workflow

Collaboration is an essential part of a thriving business. But more often than not, companies find their teams working in silos simply because collaboration requires more time and effort. ERP makes collaboration simple and easy! By streamlining the process of collaborating with others, ERP solutions allow employees to access relevant data whenever, wherever they need when they need it. This is done through an interdepartmental database, where information from each department is funnelled into one centralized location.

This allows for real-time project updates and better communication across the whole company. With an ERP system in place, every employee has on-demand access to the entire company’s records of data, which allows them to see the big picture. In turn, this gives employees the tools they need to make proactive decisions while making them feel more valued. The net effect on your business is increased efficiency and reduced operational costs associated with manual data tracking, as well as higher employee engagement.


Big Bang ERP- Name in the game

Big bang ERP was founded by Gabriel Tupula in 2014 with a vision of providing customized Cloud solutions for all business needs. Realizing that most companies in the cloud tech industry offer a single solution and no options is the motivation behind Big Bang’s creation. Limiting customers with one option is not ideal and Gabriel has wondered why it was so. This pushed him to take matters into his own hands and conceptualize a new way of thinking through Big Bang. Being passionate about what you do is always a drive that never fades. Tupula has always felt passionate about technology and cloud solutions which drove him to establish Big Bang ERP. He incorporates a new way of thinking through Big Bang and makes recommendations based on his expertise while offering solutions to all business needs. Giving his customers freedom of choice is a top priority for him.


Big Bang ERP’s offerings

Big Bang offers professional services related to several cloud systems including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Information Technology System Management (ITSM) systems and other applications.

Services include implementation, integration, migration, customization, support, training and even business systems advisory. The company analyses its clients’ business needs,  recommends the best solution from its vast portfolio of cloud solutions and provides the necessary services related to the products. Big Bang’s leading core products include NetSuite ERP, Salesforce CRM, Mavenlink, Rootstock ERP, ServiceNow, FinancialForce… and more! 

But what really sets this company apart is its ability to treat client’s business needs and business success with compassion and transparency. They advise their clients to go for the most suitable options rather than just relying on a brand name. Offering their clients the possibility to make a choice is a top priority for consultants at Big Bang.

When asked here at WKmedia what they are most proud of out of their offering, Tupula said “We offer turnkey single-point of contact for businesses to embrace digital transformation and get on the cloud. To do so, we rely on a great team of experts who are aligned with company goals and who have embraced change. I am proud of the people I work with and I am happy to be able to mentor them and see them grow professionally. They are our most valuable resource and do a great job at representing Big Bang on any occasion they get”.


Big Bang’s service: –  value for money

Big Bang is a leader in the implementation of various cloud solutions and business applications, but it’s not just about the services, it is also because of the type of customers. In fact, finding the right fit for the organization is the first step towards building a successful ERP experience.

One of the most important aspects of the IT service industry is that a customer should get value for his money. That’s why Big Bang can make a recommendation from a wide array of solutions from which customers can choose as per their requirements. The functional and technical team at Big Bang has built trust with numerous clients. Their advice and expertise has made it possible for many businesses to implement ERP software with ease and trust.

The projects undertaken by Big Bang have been analyzed down to last point and have been thoroughly explained to the customer. The Big Bang team is quick, efficient and thorough in every task.


Starting from scratch to the top of the table

Gabriel has gathered world-class experience working with ERP solutions of how businesses work and what systems and processes they need to become more successful. He started in 2014, and today, he has representatives all across the world. They have three physical offices in Mauritius, Paris and Montreal (headquarters).

To be a successful organization, you must have employees you can count on. All of Big Bang ERP’s employees are hand-picked and have gone through rigorous training with leading experts in the industry. As a result, they have become Industry leaders in ERP Services.

On another note, Big Bang is a firm believer in customer retention. A successful customer base can only be achieved if you take care of your customers. Listen to their needs, understand their requirements, and provide recommendations and relevant information, work together to find a solution, answer their questions but above all, be transparent with them. Honesty is at the core of maintaining a long relationship with your customers and by applying it, you are already building your customer foundation. Treat every reasonable customer like it is your only customer and make sure they are satisfied with your service. Another important thing consists of collecting feedback from your customer in order to keep improving.

At Big Bang ERP, they do not just solve the problems of their customers but also suggest ways they can improve. Whether the project consists of implementing a new solution from scratch or customizing an already established system, Big Bang pays attention to every detail. That’s what differentiates them from the others: their loyalty and trust.

Cloud ERP solutions make information available to each individual in the company at any time, from anywhere. This information is, in turn, the source for making informed and correct decisions. It is Big Bang ERP’s purpose to create tangible value for all organizations that are looking to streamline their processes and who are ready to grow.

Big Bang ERP aims at becoming the most trusted independent consultant team specializing in business management, collaboration and automation solutions.


Complete customization and array of solutions available to choose from

Customers can completely customize the ERP software to accommodate their business need with the help of Big Bang ERP. Big Bang also offers a wide array of products that they can choose from. This freedom of choice and flexibility puts customers at ease.

Their mission is to make organizations more efficient through the implementation of cutting-edge business management & process automation software. They seek simple and scalable solutions that respect their clients’ requirements for Cost-effectiveness, Scope and quality, and Delivery schedule.

Big Bang is constantly looking for ways to expand their portfolio and aims to expand on a global scale.


Work Culture and values @Big Bang ERP 

The work culture at Big Bang is very interesting. It’s a modern take on traditional methods to achieve the company vision in a fast-paced environment. What that means is that every single person within the company is aware of their role and how they contribute to the overall vision. Goals are aligned, and they embrace change. Technology is a tricky industry as it is constantly evolving and the work culture at Big Bang has learned to love and adapt to these continuous advancements. However, Gabriel is a firm believer in traditional methods of communication in the business world. He strongly encourages his team members to pick up the phone and to act responsively. Establishing a human connection is extremely important and by doing so, along with several other daily activities, reminders and insights, he was able to establish a uniform culture at Big Bang ERP.

The core values at Big Bang are Responsiveness, Teamwork and being grounded. 

The name Big Bang, derived from the implementation methodology that means “all at once” just like the Big Bang that occurred when our planet became habitable. ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning, which is at the core of what they do. With the methodology and core strengths of the company, the name made sense to represent the responsiveness and efficiency of the business. 

 “Be open to embrace change. We create tangible value for our customers with fair price. We work best with customers who value this digital transformation.”


Big Bang

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“Ingeniously Clouded” CEO Edition: Big Bang Cover Story

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

“Ingeniously Clouded” CEO Edition: Big Bang Cover Story

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

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