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GROW Beyond Business as Usual

The 2019 SuiteWorld Theme

It’s not just the partners and customers that are growing, so is Oracle’s NetSuite and their team. With an increase of 52% inside sales reps at NetSuite since last year, new territories, better packaged SuiteSuccess-es and more partners than ever: it’s not surprising to see the ecosystem and SuiteWorld GROW (just as fast as the ERP software has).

Some growth markets for NetSuite include Europe, more specifically France, where Big Bang opened its third office this past year. SuiteSuccess is now available as a Starter Edition for up to 10 users, with a price tag starting at only $15,000 making NetSuite even more approachable for small businesses and growing startups.

All this, to ensure NetSuite keeps helping customers grow – currently NetSuite customers grow three times faster than the S&P 500.

Success What? SuiteSuccess™

If you’re looking to implement NetSuite as your Cloud ERP, SuiteSuccess can help you meet your business needs and industry requirements. As a transformative customer engagement methodology, SuiteSuccess was designed with your industry’s’ leading practices in mind (valued at over 3,000 hours), enabling you to get the most out of your ERP while ensuring a successful implementation in record time. You can go from Zero to Cloud in only 100 Days with Big Bang and SuiteSuccess.

My GROW-ing Step Counter

What It’s Like to Exhibit at SuiteWorld (with Tips)  

Big Bang doesn’t just attend SuiteWorld, we are an exhibitor. This year, we went with a mature but lean team and for me that meant, more steps! With up to 19,000 steps in one day the general pacing of a SuiteWorld Day includes:

  • Early wakeup to hit the gym: You don’t need to do this first thing, but for me, I know the day is long and it’s likely my only chance to truly be alone. I hit the gym with a focus on abs and stretching, I need my body to make it through the whole week while staying strong (for standing and my immune system). It’s incredible to see so many “go-getters” in the gym in the early hours of the morning, it makes you feel even more motivated when you walk in.
    Tip: Bring a reusable bottle to the gym.
  • Get ready and check your inbox: Life continues at the office and to ensure that I live up to our values of Teamwork and Responsiveness, I take a couple minutes to respond to urgent emails and make a priority list (for tasks not related to SuiteWorld) for the day. I ensure to only have one or two things that absolutely must be done, and I start taking care of them by phone on my walk over to the trade show floor.
    Tip: Ensure you have enough data on your cell phone, as the WIFI can be inconsistent and you may need to tether to your phone.
  • Grab a smoothie! Yes meals are included in the SuiteWorld package, but if there is something you can do to make yourself feel normal, do it. I drink a smoothie every day at home, so why would I start changing my protocol? Plus it gives me 20 more minutes to enjoy at the gym in the morning. I ensure to attend the lunch meals with the focus on networking.
  • Exhibit, exhibit and network: This is the best part of SuiteWorld, helping customers, prospects and partners understand how Big Bang can truly help them propel their growth and how NetSuite fits into their Global Architecture of Business Systems (GAB’s Pyramid).
    Tip: Wear comfortable shoes with good support.
  • Content and Breakout Sessions: Throughout the late morning and afternoon, there may be a few sessions you should (or need) to attend. This is where you find out everything NetSuite wants you to know, but they make sure to state that they are not responsible to actually deliver on anything in their popular “Safe Harbour Statement.” They joked about making T-Shirts… at this point, we all laugh when we see it.
    Tip: Bring a sweater/jacket because when you stop moving it gets rather cold in the keynote hall.
  • Lunch Break: Here is another great opportunity to chat and network. While, you generally don’t need business cards at SuiteWorld, I find you sometimes need them at lunch so put a couple in your pocket. Also, try going to lunch alone or with one other person to force yourself to talk to other people.
    Tip: try the iced tea!
  • Back to Exhibition and Sessions: The afternoon is both fast and slow. Here is when you start to feel exhausted, but you also get excited for what’s next.
    Tip: Grab a coffee or tea when the stations open, as they close quickly.
  • Sync with the team: For a second time (after our quick meeting in the morning) we sync with the team and ensure everyone knows what they are doing that night and when to meet the following morning. Having good communication with your team members is crucial to SuiteWorld Success.
    Tip: Plan these syncs before you arrive at SuiteWorld!
  • Evening activity: Every year we follow a similar schedule for the evening programming:
    • Sunday – Monday: Partner and NetSuite planned events
    • Tuesday: Customer Appreciation
    • Wednesday: Gala by SuiteWorld – this year it started later than the rest.
    • Thursday: Redeye flight home!
  • Party and Bed!
    Tip:  Edited for professional reasons (sorry mom!)

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Vice: A NetSuite Success Story

Balancing Control and Expansion

“International expansion is a challenge for control” shared the Chief Accounting Officer, Shawn Assaf. He shared that before their implementation of NetSuite they used three systems, none able to provide clear insights. Now, with NetSuite, they are able to challenge process assumptions and build roles around the right people. Assaf shared that the benefits they achieved with NetSuite included:

  • Cloud-based: available from anywhere (even the beach)
  • Scalability: to allow Vice to grow geographically and in their offering
  • User interface is easy
  • Data security: Because NetSuite is so secure, so are you!

If you are interested in finding out about more about SuiteWorld, SuiteSuccess, NetSuite and how Big Bang can help you with your own success story simply reach out and we’d be happy to join you on your road to success.

Kimberly Marx

Director of Alliances and Marketing
Kimberly has an honours Bachelor’s in Commerce and is a Certified Health Coach. She has a decade of experience in the field of Marketing in Montreal, New York and Toronto. Kimberly worked at several marketing agencies with a focus on wellness and luxury brands. She is the recipient of the Notable Award for Best Marketers in Montreal. However, limiting her role to Marketing would be an understatement – she is much more than that. Kimberly handles all internal and external…

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Grow with (and at) SuiteWorld!

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

Grow with (and at) SuiteWorld!

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.