Do Not Underestimate the Power of Analysis

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do not under estimate the power of analysis

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When clients approach us in their search to implement a new system, we assist them at the moment of deployment which is how we are able to:

  • Have visibility on the key stakeholders involved in the implementation,
  • Gather a sense of the selected system to be implemented,
  • Put in place a project execution plan.

This approach works, however, certain challenges may occur later in the project delivery.

The Challenge

A common challenge that often arises is the classic change request. Although a change request does not necessarily have a negative connotation, it can serve as an indicator that alignment between the consulting project team and the client is not optimal. The project team should connect with the change request and aim to understand the underlying driving force. For example, the change request may be a symptom of internal changes, immature business processes, or flat organization.

On the flip side, the change request may be the result of a misunderstanding on behalf of the project team (your team of experts) of the client’s business requirements. As trusted advisors, we always do our best to challenge the client’s project stakeholders in order to master the root requirements. The power of analysis allows the project team to understand the business requirements in order to tailor technical solutions to the client’s business requirements. We want the technical solutions to scale with your business as your business evolves. Our goal is to anchor ourselves in the solidity of business requirements instead of designing a technical solution based on a creative whim. We can ensure longer solution sustainability by framing our delivery within business requirements.

Be Prepared

We will be able to establish stronger relationships with our clients when we arrive earlier in the business systems transformation phase. Should we arrive at the Analysis phase or even earlier at the System Selection phase, we are able to accompany our clients throughout this transformative journey. In doing so, we have found that we are able to foresee, mitigate potential pitfalls, and understand the client’s dynamic a lot better. Based on discussions held in the analysis phase, we are able to understand the business from a holistic perspective and anticipate how new changes will impact several departments within a business.

As business systems analysts, it is imperative for us to have the client’s best interest in mind and not be limited by the systems being implemented. Furthermore, it is our responsibility as a service company to offer the best-tailored solution to our clients.

The Analysis Phase

Whether or not you are working with a system implementation partner, it is important to have a dedicated analysis phase in your project. This phase should:

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Assess current pain points
  • Include stakeholders
  • Review processes subject to change
  • Hold discussions around process changes
  • Evaluate readiness for change
  • Plan for change management
  • Establish requirements
  • Formalize a project scope
  • Establish a budget and timeline for the project
  • Adopt an open attitude and communicate openly with your colleagues about the upcoming changes

Change can be a daunting activity, however, we become stronger when we go straight toward the areas that stimulate fear. Do not underestimate your capacity for change and how you can leverage analysis as a stepping stone in this business transformation.

For more business advice, reach out to our experts and we will happily help you with your analysis and implementation needs.

Melanie Mulligan-Pittarelli

Director of Customer Success
Melanie has significant experience implementing and customizing cloud-based solutions in a variety of industries including Digital Marketing & Advertising Agencies, Publishing & Media, Healthcare, Government, Non-Profit, IT Services, Professional Services, and Education. Melanie leads the Salesforce and Business Systems Analysis practices which both channel Big Bang’s internal expertise in order to put forward new tools, industry best practices, and training. Melanie holds a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in business management and leverages this background to execute and support…

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Do Not Underestimate the Power of Analysis

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Do Not Underestimate the Power of Analysis

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

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