Big Bang ERP featured in the Top 10 Best ERP Solution Providers of the year 2018 by CIO Bulletin

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Big Bang ERP was featured in the Top 10 Best ERP Solution Providers of the year 2018 list by CIO Bulletin. As a trusted advisor, Big Bang ERP aims to deliver the best solution tailored to the needs of its customers. 

Read the article below written by CIO Bulletin to find out how you can maximize your success with Big Bang ERP: 

Big Bang ERP: An independent consulting firm and a one-stop shop for Cloud Business Applications


Many businesses today struggle to adapt to the continuous marketplace changes and recent trends because of inefficient technological systems, incapable of responding to the fast-paced industry.

Cloud-based applications offer a much more scalable and reliable IT infrastructure that is specifically designed to streamline business processes and support business development and growth.

Big Bang ERP helps their customers take full advantage of cloud-based ERP, CRM, MRP, ITSM systems and other cloud business solutions. It is the organization’s belief that all people, in every organization, should have a direct access to the information that enables them to do their best work, from anywhere, at any time. Big Bang ERP’s objective is to make that vision a reality for enterprises of all sizes, across all industries.

Big Bang ERP’s founder, Gabriel Tupula, launched the company with a dream of becoming a one-stop shop for all business management needs and help organizations succeed. Today, he is a successful business owner; his vision came to be true because of his experience and knowledge in the world of technology.

The verticals were selected based on the expertise of the Big Bang ERP team. It was important to serve all industries individually, especially distribution/wholesale, e-commerce, software, service, and manufacturing. Another part of Gabriel’s vision was he wanted to provide services globally. His emphasis on responsiveness, continuous improvement and adapting to technological changes gave him the ability to take the business and successfully compete on a global platform. Any company, anywhere in the world, can benefit from Big Bang ERP professional services, at any given time especially since they have offices in opposite time zones.

Big Bang ERP was started with the aim to be a multiple product cloud solution provider – differentiating itself from other players in the industry. First, Big Bang ERP’s sole focus was on Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Eventually, it acquired Acumen Factory whose core product was NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a perfect complement to CRM. This is how Big Bang ERP became one of the first service providers authorized to resell and develop on both leading cloud solution platforms.

The company had demand in EMEA, so the company opened an office in Mauritius (to better serve the market and to deliver round the clock). Currently, the firm is opening a new office in France due to customer requests.

When asked about product expansion, Big Bang ERP disclosed that they have a team in charge of Business Innovation, and the different cloud solutions are ranked based on criteria that are important for its clients, based on industry. For example, the company has seen some of its manufacturing clients combine multiple cloud solutions for a tailored cloud system based on their business management needs. Currently, it carries 5 core products and at least another 30 product extenders – the cloud combinations are endless.

Big Bang’s assets include: Its people– Who have the expertise and knowledge to satisfy customers and maintain their trust. Its processes– The company develops processes very often, internally and externally to guarantee workflow and avoid issues. Its ability to react to opportunities– Customers always appreciate the company for its responsiveness.

Based on functionality, the organization is divided into departments. It has the admin support based out at its head office, in Montreal, Canada. Then the company has delivery teams split by industry (currently 5 teams), it supports the business development and account management by territory. The organization boasts its team efforts. The company is also engaged in ongoing meeting schedules (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly) so all team members are aligned despite the varied time zones and locations.

Big Bang keeps itself updated with the most recent trends and incorporates it into the company as soon as possible. Its knowledge and expertise within the global IT platform allows the company to help other businesses be aware of all the tools at their disposition, but also, provide recommendations for the best solution based on their corporate needs. Big Bang ERP does not only convey the message, it, also, makes it a reality.

A couple of years from now, the company visualizes growth. It targets to reach 150 employees, with 5-6 offices while still maintaining its boutique flavor, speed, and level of service.

About Gabriel Tupula, CEO

Gabriel has valuable, cumulative experience in information systems, software development and digital marketing allowing him to be a creative problem solver and a result-oriented project manager. His most recent work is with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ITSM (Information Technology System Management), MAS (Marketing Automation Software) and other cloud solutions that help businesses grow. He specializes in: Project Management, Information Systems, eCommerce, Cloud-based Business Solutions and Digital Marketing & Communications.

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Big Bang ERP featured in the Top 10 Best ERP Solution Providers of the year 2018 by CIO Bulletin

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Big Bang ERP featured in the Top 10 Best ERP Solution Providers of the year 2018 by CIO Bulletin

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.