First French Company to Leverage Powerful Architecture With NetSuite X Shopify and Celigo

The Challenge

With the migration to Shopify, Ysé needed an ERP that would meet the company's needs and address issues with omnichannel retail operations.

The Solution

Optimized sales flow through seamless integration of all systems by Big Bang experts, including NetSuite ERP with Shopify using Celigo's integration platform.

The Benefits

A modernized ecommerce website with enhanced user experience and features: customer loyalty capabilities, operational fluidity, reduced time spent on inventory logistics, and overall employee empowerment.

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About Ysé

Ysé is a lingerie and swimwear brand launched in 2012 with the desire to develop pieces that accentuate the woman’s natural body – no padding, just well fit with quality European materials (Calais lace, French and Austrian tulles, Italian microfiber).

The brand has a strong digital presence as it is mainly distributed via its eShop. Still, the network of Ysé boutiques is also growing with 3 boutiques in Paris (117 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003, 2 rue Guichard, 75016 and 75 rue Legendre, 75017 Paris), a boutique in Lyon, Bordeaux and Aix, and a corner at Le Bon Marché (Paris). The brand also creates exclusive collections for Sézane (bath) and Monoprix (lingerie).

A few words about the company and its work spirit: Ysé is currently in a growth period with many exciting and innovative projects on the go. Top priorities of customer satisfaction, empathy and trust, entrepreneurship, agility, ambition and simplicity guide the actions of each team member.

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The challenge: an archaic ERP that could not deliver omnichannel experiences

Before migrating their site to Shopify, Ysé worked with an old Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that naturally became outdated. The Ysé team knew that they would need a more robust and agile ERP with their website redesign on the popular Shopify platform. They wanted to connect checkout software with their website and offer the ability to seamlessly plug into a new warehouse management system to manage inventory. They also wanted to find a tool aligned with the company’s needs today and continuously evolve to improve processes and enable an omnichannel customer experience not available in the ERP previously used.

NetSuite integrates well with Shopify

While discussing options with web development agencies for their Shopify site, Ysé heard about NetSuite, a promising ERP for its ability to integrate with Shopify (beyond all else).

Big Bang was recommended to them by a client for the implementation of Oracle NetSuite. Big Bang’s team stood out from the crowd of partners because the Ysé team felt they understood their needs.

“The discussion (with Big Bang) was simple, and I felt we understood each other on the issues, especially on omnichannelity. Big Bang also allowed me to confirm the choice of NetSuite, Shopify, and Celigo, the core of our architecture.”

– Soline Brissault, Director of Operations and Projects, Ysé.

Big Bang helps Ysé set up an efficient architecture

Big Bang implemented an efficient enterprise architecture solution, making Ysé the first French DNVB (Digital Native Vertical Brand) to benefit from a NetSuite and Shopify integration with Celigo.

In the first phase of the solution, the Ysé team appreciated Big Bang’s structured approach, mapping out the desired architecture, unpacking step-by-step all the flows/processes needed to be developed, and the other solutions required throughout the integration.

In the second phase of development, the solution had to be deployed in coordination with, among others, the website development team and the logistics partner.

Discussions with Big Bang on sales, logistics, and omnichannel were complex and detailed, allowing Ysé to have good control and define the sales flows. Celigo stood out as a solid solution to connect NetSuite and Shopify, especially since the Big Bang team had experience leveraging the robust connector.

Benefits of NetSuite x Shopify Integration with Celigo

Following the implementation of NetSuite and the migration to Shopify, Ysé was able to achieve the following:

  • A more modern e-commerce site with better navigation now managed 100% in the hands of in-house digital teams and a customer path that is more directed towards omnichannel services.
  • Time savings with inventory logistics thanks to simplified and fluid flows. While it used to take almost a day with the previous ERP to send inventory allocation between the eShop and the stores, the process now takes only an hour with NetSuite.
  • Time savings in the warehouse for order preparation.
  • Better clarification of employee roles plus equipping teams to own processes, previously only managed by company leaders.
  • Consistency of information across the ecommerce platform and the ERP.

Big Bang: A partner for growth

Big Bang’s main asset in carrying out the project was their extensive knowledge of the tools and solutions, their ability to map them to each other according to predefined workflows, and the consultants’ responsiveness. The Ysé collaborators felt well accompanied to answer their questions and investigate certain points.

“We did everything we could to be clear about our needs and our level of requirements, and I would say that Big Bang did everything they could to meet that level of quality despite the timing constraints.”

– Clara Gervais, Assistant General Manager, Ysé.

Ysé teams continue to work with Big Bang daily to manage internal accounting and purchasing processes and propel phase two of their digital transformation; worldwide delivery, particularly in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

They also want to enable in 2021 the ship-from-store ability, which would allow the store inventory to be available online to optimize the flow of stocks. 

Advice on Implementation: Go for it!

“We challenged ourselves to completely overhaul our IT architecture in less than 6 months with a new website (switching to Shopify and redesigning the front end), a new ERP, a new cash register software and connecting to a new logistics system. The deadline was immutable since we were moving the warehouse, and all the bricks of the project were linked to each other. We believed in it, even if it was a very ambitious project considering the timing: it was possible because we managed to align everyone on the same objective (the Ysé team, the Big Bang team, and our various partners).

My advice is to have an overall vision before launching, to be clear with the most priority aspects of the project (for us it was the deadline and the perfect connection between our e-commerce and our retail) and then to anticipate well the post go live phase, which takes several months and consists of stabilizing the new architecture and transmitting the new processes in a sustainable way to all the teams.”

– Clara Gervais, Assistant General Manager, Ysé.


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First French Company to Leverage Powerful Architecture With NetSuite X Shopify and Celigo

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First French Company to Leverage Powerful Architecture With NetSuite X Shopify and Celigo

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