enhancements on the cloud

The Challenge

Outdated technology was limiting growth potential.

The Solution

Multi-project customization, configuration, and implementation of NetSuite to streamline client experiences.

The Benefits

Enhanced functionality via customizations now a large contributor to sales revenue. Better service and experience for international customers.

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Big Bang’s responsive support has kept a group of happy NetSuite power-users

About went live for the first time in February of 1999, serving a niche market of guitar players, retail stores, and repair shops looking to purchase and replace their vacuum tubes. These vacuum tubes are used in the majority of guitar amps and in many high-end audiophile sound systems and allow users to amplify the sounds in a completely different way from all solid-state amplifiers. Today they are the biggest online retailer of Vacuum Tubes and have no intention of slowing down.

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The Challenge

After several years of limited growth due to outdated technology, implemented NetSuite, the world’s leading Cloud ERP, and regained momentum in sales and revenue by leveraging insights uncovered with better technology. NetSuite allowed to operate more efficiently both administratively and online. However, certain aspects of the platform did not allow them much flexibility when it came to certain types of sales and payments. was in need of a reliable and responsive partner to help customize the platform and help them configure NetSuite to help manage their sales and growth according to the needs of their ever-growing client base. For example, many clients do not know the specific add-on items compatible with each tube and they wanted to sell pre-made customized packages for each individual need but did not know how to program this idea into NetSuite to make it a reality. The website’s unique needs were beginning to show through. Daniel Koetsier,’s President, was in need of expertise to enhance the site’s capabilities and functionalities.

“The elasticity of NetSuite is one of it’s best attributes, not to mention the fact that when you transition to something new it’s generally quite difficult and time-consuming for your team to adapt, but in this case, within 3 months multiple employees let me know how great they found the system. We especially love the fact that we can login from anywhere.”

The Solution

Daniel Koetsier, President of chose Big Bang as the trusted partner of because of a previous relationship with Mark Rhyman, Big Bang Co-CEO. “Once you work with Mark, you don’t feel the need to look anywhere else for support, so it was an easy transition”. Customization and configuration for multi-country customers, the population of “bundles” for customized tube packages to simplify client experiences, and advanced checkout and carts were three of the projects successfully undertaken by Big Bang. Each project was completed as requested. Interestingly, the customized bundles built by Big Bang are now a large portion of’s sales revenue. continues to work with Big Bang for ongoing support and project management because of the valuable long-term relationships made with the expert Big Bang consultants. “Our Senior Consultant knows our business. We’ve developed a relationship with him and that is really important because it cuts down on time; there is no re-learning involved and maintaining relationships is a huge part of my business” says Daniel.

I value their responsiveness in terms of support. I reached out to Big Bang’s emergency contact line last year over a long weekend with no hope of anyone getting back to me but they called back within very little time. I was highly impressed that they were so easily accessible over a Holiday weekend.”

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