MP Repro Modernizes Print With Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Challenge

An existing 15 year-old ERP system and spreadsheets with no CRM functionality couldn’t manage new customer demand and service offerings.

The Solution

Salesforce Sales Cloud customer relationship management solution implementation built for current and future needs of an evolving business.

The Benefits

Improved customer experience, increase in team collaboration, cleaner documentation and reporting.

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About MP Repro

Established in 1964, MP Repro is an industry leader in quality printing services in Montreal, Canada. As a creative partner, they specialize in customizing large format digital solutions, signage, 3D printing, and digital printing. The print world has certainly evolved over the last 50-plus years, and MP Repro was there every step of the way. Their innovative essence was ignited most recently as they had to adapt their service offerings as the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. As much of their customer base either had to slow down or stop their business, MP Repro’s business shifted to start producing pandemic-related essentials in high demand like face shields, screens, dividers and safety signage.

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A shift in services required a change in business systems

MP Repro_Woman with Face Shield At the beginning of the pandemic, MP Repro decided to adapt its technology to participate in the collective efforts of Quebec and transformed a production line to manufacture thousands of face shields – approved by Health Canada. With the shift, they were quickly overloaded with new customer requests, and their old ERP system couldn’t keep up with the management. Faced with a new reality of customer and quote requests, MP Repro thought it was time to try Salesforce Sales Cloud, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution they had previously been introduced to via a demo by a Big Bang consultant. With Salesforce, they could build a new database from scratch with all the new customers and sales.

The process? “Functional and quick”

Having an already established relationship with Big Bang thanks to a word-of-mouth referral, it felt right for MP Repro to build trust and attentiveness for the new project. Especially given the unpredictable global and business climate of the time, they didn’t want anything overly complex or time-consuming. With Big Bang, they “liked that it was simple.”

After a thorough evaluation of the business requirements, Salesforce was tailored to how MP Repro wanted to work. It was a mix of customized processes and Salesforce’s existing built-in core capabilities.

Big Bang added many checklists to the system so that along the way MP Repro’s team could learn about prospects and opportunities. New customer lists were entered along with client categories, and dashboards were created to garner specific insights and reports. The implementation was built so that over time, as the business grows, the team could add extended files and information into the system. Training and support occurred throughout the whole process.

How was the experience working with Big Bang? We asked Carmela Martinez, CEO of MP Repro:

“All a lot easier than expected. Especially since the last ERP implementation (with a different vendor) took over two years to complete. With Big Bang, all it took was a few meetings, consultant build-out and setup, training, and a very short list of what needed to be clarified. Within 2-3 meetings, we were up and rolling. Functional and quick. It was an extremely nice experience.”

Instant ROI

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, MP Repro could start tracking opportunities immediately. With much of the team working remotely, critical data was now accessible to all. The ease of access to information enabled better team collaboration. Proper documentation expedited work efficiencies, working cleanly and helped keep things simple.

“This is priceless to us now.”

MP Repro continued to see results further down the line as they started using the system with new and existing customers. As businesses began to reopen, MP Repro used the system to get back in touch and follow up with lost clients. Not only were they using Salesforce to track requests, quotes, and orders, but also to keep notes of all customer interactions. Helping the company maintain that personal touch that they are known for. Now with the entire team sharing the same information, Carmela shares that they are “working with confidence.”

Unlike past experiences – Simple!

MP Repro_Man installing a giant logo As a second-generation, family-owned business in a constantly changing industry, Carmela and her team have worked with tech projects and other software in the past, sharing that these were always a complicated and frustrating process. The Salesforce implementation project with Big Bang, however, seemed extremely simple.

“That’s amazing because that’s a real talent to have: to take something complicated and make it seem like it’s effortless!”

Working with Big Bang truly was a “great example of teamwork.”

“For our first project together, we see extremely successful results. We didn’t go over budget. It wasn’t complicated. It was really good — it shows the quality of the service of Big Bang. Definitely a success story.”


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MP Repro Modernizes Print With Salesforce Sales Cloud

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MP Repro Modernizes Print With Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.