Skeepers : Big Bang Sustain the Growth of a Leading Multi-Subsidiaries

The Challenge

Following the creation of the Skeepers Group, it became necessary to implement an ERP to gain data visibility to support the growth of the company.

The Solution

The implementation of Oracle NetSuite One World, an ERP solution to manage multi-subsidiaries, Salesforce CRM and responsive support by the Big Bang team.

The Benefits

Data visibility for all users and reporting to make informed decisions and accelerate business growth.

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About Skeepers

Skeepers was formed in 2020 from the combination of the NetReviews brand, known for its Verified Reviews solution (present under different names in 44 countries), Mediatech-cx and Teester. The company creates SAAS and ROI (return on investment) solutions that, among other things, collect authentic customer reviews and user videos, rank them on different sites and enable a dialogue with the brand in case of negative reviews. These solutions aim to improve and guide the customer experience, increase engagement and thus sales, and create or reinforce the relationship of trust between the customer and the brand.

Today, Skeepers has 7 offices around the world and over 250 employees. In 2021, the group is now part of the French Tech Next40 and continues its expansion with the acquisition of Surprise, a cashback rewards application to build customer loyalty, and MyFeelBack to help better collect, analyze and classify customer data.


A Homegrown Accounting System

At first, NetReviews did not have an accounting and billing system. This was a challenge. The processes were manual and quite “artisanal”. With the creation of Skeepers, it became necessary to set up a system flexible enough to manage several entities, and be able to make operational consolidations, to manage the stack to produce financial statements and to offer a 360° vision.

Even before starting the ERP process, Raphaël Fauveau, CFO at Skeepers, was already very familiar with the capabilities of Oracle NetSuite, having experienced three previous implementations of the software. He knew the product would be ideal for their multi-subsidiary company.

For the implementation, Big Bang was recommended to them by an acquaintance. The cloud solutions company positioned itself as a good partner. Skeepers appreciated the structured approach with well-developed steps, the slightly competitive price, but most of all the candid and friendly conversation conducted by the Big Bang team. They also appreciated the ability to work independently on NetSuite internally without having to call on Big Bang for any changes.

Big Bang’s Support: Responsiveness and Expertise

Big Bang’s support: responsiveness and expertise

After conducting a Business Process Review (BPR), Big Bang set up the NetSuite OneWorld configurations, provided assistance with data migration, and implemented NetSuite SuiteSuccess and SuiteBilling, as well as Salesforce CRM integration. Skeepers’ team felt well supported and reassured every step of the way, as the Big Bang team was knowledgeable, managed projects very well, and responded quickly to issues.

“When I was slow to respond, the Big Bang project manager would get back to me at the right time. We didn’t let things drag on so we wouldn’t fall behind. There was good follow-up.”

– Capucine Dubourg, Chief Financial Officer, Skeepers

Skeepers are the first users of NetSuite SuiteBilling in France! SuiteBilling allows companies to consolidate recurring invoices and have transparency on billing.

The Benefits of an ERP

Following the training provided by the Big Bang team, Skeepers employees appreciated the ease of use of NetSuite and the ability to have the different systems communicate with each other. They finally have visibility into their data and have been able to set up a monthly closing. For the first time, they even have access to the company’s sales figures!

An ERP system also allows you to create reports to make informed decisions, update reliable data and share it securely among the various users. It increases productivity by automating manual and repetitive tasks and optimizing processes.

The Future is Bright

The great partnership between Skeepers and Big Bang is only beginning. As users become more proficient with the tools, the Big Bang team is able to provide appropriate customizations and solutions to support the growing needs of the business. After implementing NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM on their main subsidiary, NetReviews, Skeepers will continue to use Big Bang’s services for deployment across the entire entity, including Mediatech-cx and Teester.


Raphaël Fauveau, CFO at Skeepers, advises tackling the quick wins right away instead of the more complicated projects and seeing the impact it can have right away. According to him, “after a month, it’s already possible to be productive on NetSuite, to have the supplier’s purchase orders, settle them, follow the groups, and be functional.”

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Skeepers : Big Bang Sustain the Growth of a Leading Multi-Subsidiaries

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Skeepers : Big Bang Sustain the Growth of a Leading Multi-Subsidiaries

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

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