Processia: A Seamless Integration & Improved Operational Efficiency

The Challenge

They required an advanced PSA system that could improve their operational efficiency, but also manage their human capital.

The Solution

An implementation of Mavenlink, BambooHR, and Nexonia with a seamless integration with Processia’s ERP; NetSuite.

The Benefits

The integration brought an improved agility to Processia’s processes, as well as project management benefits by leveraging Mavenlink’s reporting capabilities.

Processia: A Seamless Integration & Improved Operational Efficiency

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About Processia

Processia is a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) System Integrator and global service partner of Dassault Systems. A Quebec-based company, Processia was founded in 2000. Presently, the company has over 250 employees and a global presence across 9 countries – – Canada, USA, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and India. Having experienced exponential growth over the past couple of years, Processia was recently acquired by Atos and is expected to double in size.

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With a vision for a large digital transformation, Processia wanted to improve their operational efficiency and human capital management processes. In researching vendors and software, they found Mavenlink. During the software presentation, the company’s CEO, Vincent Fraser, had a ‘lightbulb moment’ when Big Bang suggested that Mavenlink should be integrated with BambooHR, a Human Capital Management software, to best manage a professional services team. Big Bang was recommended and selected for the implementation of Mavenlink, and other tools, due to the expertise with both Mavenlink and NetSuite (their current ERP) software in addition to past success integrating them together.

“Big Bang had the expertise and understood the journey” shared Chanthrabose Subash, Management Consultant and principal project stakeholder at Processia.

Three Key Business Drivers in Mavenlink’s Favor

Processia selected Mavenlink based on the following three key business drivers:

Its ability to improve operational efficiency

Processia’s ERP, Oracle NetSuite, is excellent for financial accounting and invoicing, but they were also looking for a tool to manage projects on a daily basis. At the time, this was not fully possible with NetSuite. Mavenlink, which could be connected with NetSuite, proved to be a great Professional Automation Software (PSA) due to its specific product features.

A system to manage their human resources and support the HR team

The implementation and integration of BambooHR Human Capital Management (HCM) system allowed the company to create different users and define many key HR components including, but not limited to, their roles, record, and hierarchy structure.

Seamless integration for improved agility versus a siloed architecture

Processia wanted to achieve agility with seamless integration between varying software.

Work Completed by Big Bang

Processia was adamant that the implementation had minimal impact on business continuity. For this reason, Big Bang divided the implementation into two phases:

Phase 1: Initiation + Product Implementation

All the systems were deployed with baseline features and integrated within the landscape with the proper data flow. The integrated systems were Mavenlink, BambooHR, and Nexonia for expense management, all reporting back to NetSuite for finances. The goal was for employees to experience this new way of working, so that they could bring back more value by eliciting requirements.

Phase 2: Feature Development + Support

This phase included adding the additional requested features and enhancements. For example, this included adding employee skill sets into Mavenlink for better project resource allocation, the integration of JIRA, a software development tool used by Processia, and the ability to provide feedback in Mavenlink with updated status on the projects.

Benefits of the integrated 3 systems architecture

Chanthrabose Subash, Management Consultant at Processia shares:

“Initially when we introduced this system of three integrated applications during our global meetings, people started to feel a little bit nervous… Then, we told them about the data architecture, the seamless integration, how we can access all these applications from one place. We had answers. So, they understood it won’t be a problem for them.”

Quickly, the employees started to feel comfortable using the software. “To be honest, there was not much resistance” to the changes by Big Bang.


The Processia Team has benefited from BambooHR due to the increased visibility and control it provides employees over their own personal records as well as managers overseeing their teams. The software allows employees to see how much vacation time they have, who is out for the day, HR documents and announcements, training, the organizational chart, and much more. BambooHR’s features have brought in a different culture and increased involvement amongst people.


Processia selected Mavenlink due to its project management features and integration capabilities. With its dashboard, project managers can easily see the status of a project, the utilization of resources as well as the number of billable tasks. Overall, the reporting that Mavenlink provides has been beneficial. With the new skillset feature, project managers will also be able to search for employees based on the core competencies required for different projects. Operational efficiency will also be improved with the project forecasting feature.

Training by Big Bang

Processia appreciated having the same consulting team throughout the length of the entire project, including the training. This was beneficial because the consultants were always up to date and understood the industry challenges, making it easier to brainstorm realistic solutions with the Processia team. The Big Bang team trained Processia’s identified power users for a cost-effective train-the-trainer approach. The training framework was well-planned and organized.

Advice from Processia

To anyone starting a similar project, Chanthrabose explains:

“I would recommend Big Bang on your journey to digital transformation. The throughput or the response and expertise which Big Bang has is really good. They have a good skill set of technical consultants and they are ready to listen. People understood what the possible business issues that we could come across would be and how to build strategies around them.”

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Processia: A Seamless Integration & Improved Operational Efficiency

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Processia: A Seamless Integration & Improved Operational Efficiency

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

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