Growth for Five At Heart Global Offices

The Challenge

A CRM system that would meet European standards and work in sync with their Australian office.

The Solution

A flawless NetSuite integration with existing tools and software.

The Benefits

Enhanced gross profit reporting and estimating and cohesive systems between global offices.

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Big Bang was able to replicate, integrate, and customize the tools and features Five At Heart (formerly called PFL Spaces) needed for their London office to meet European standards and work cohesively with their Australian office.

The Challenge

In 2017, Five At Heart (which at the time, was called PFL Spaces), was setting up their new London office and they wanted to ensure that the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool they had in London was a seamless replica of the tool implemented in Australia. “We already knew NetSuite, we had built up certain customizations within the Australian system and we wanted to replicate that within our European operations,” said Justin Sires, Co-Founder of Five At Heart. In Australia, the office uses NetSuite’s full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) abilities which allows them to go from “opportunity management” right through to “billing”.

Initially, our Finance Manager in Australia selected Big Bang due to their capability and value for the money but once we started working with the team we realized just how much value they brought to the table. They were able to understand what our requirements were for our Australian office and quickly develop and design a solution for each requirement. They were able to deliver solutions.

– Justin Sires, Co-Founder of Five At Heart

However, the office located in London was only going to use the CRM features offered by NetSuite in order to manage opportunities, projects, contacts, building data, etc. With UK standards and requirements being quite different from those in Australia, Five At Heart needed a team that could customize NetSuite adhering to country-specific standards, all while allowing both offices to work cohesively.

The Solution

Due to their ongoing relationship with our Australian office, it felt like the right choice to choose Big Bang to work on our London office too,” said Justin. At first, there was an initial briefing on requirements such as replicating functionalities from Australia, developing customized requirements to support ops in London, licensing replication, and initial customizations for the new office. In order to keep the budget on track, Big Bang understood that not every requirement demanded customization. Instead, they looked for the right solution based on Five At Heart’s end goal, versus requirement specific customizations. In the end, a seamless replica of the Five At Heart system in Australia was created integrating flawlessly with the other tools and software used by the team on a daily basis.

Now that Five At Heart has been utilizing the platform for a few months, they are currently exploring options to make the CRM “pop-out” more and to include hot leads. A discussion with their team of consultants at Big Bang has encouraged them to pursue this recourse, along with the ability to create gross profit reporting and estimates.

I highly recommend Big Bang, they understand the system very well and are able to develop solutions to your requirements and deliver them within scope.

– Justin Sires, Co-Founder of Five At Heart

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About Five At Heart

Five At Heart founders Mark Rossister and Justin Sires are cyclists whose focus is on fully functioning, future-proofed facilities that stand the test of time. They want to “make cycling easy” by creating functional, efficient, and durable bicycle parking and change room facilities across the globe. To date, Five at Heart has designed and planned over 250 bicycle storage and change room facilities on a global scale, taking care of the entire end of trip experience – design, product, secure storage, and services.

For more information on Five At Heart, please visit: Five At Heart

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