A Personalized Solution for Microcredit’s NPOs

The Challenge

MicroEntreprendre was mandated to update the digital tools for its organizations, including Microcrédit Charlevoix, and to propose a solution to its members.

The Solution

The Big Bang team created a Salesforce CRM package tailored to the needs of Quebec microcredit organizations that can join voluntarily.

The Benefits

In addition to harmonizing practices across the microcredit network, Salesforce saves users time, through access to real-time data and easier reporting to funders.

Microentreprendre Case Study

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About MicroEntreprendre

MicroEntreprendre is a non-profit organization (NPO) that operates as the head of a decentralized Quebec microcredit network of over 20 organizations. Their members’ mission is to provide loans and coach entrepreneurs, with the goal of supporting small, local, resilient businesses that contribute to the community.

MicroEntrepreprendre helps organizations reach their goals, obtain funds and accompany them through projects, such as updating their digital tools.


Salesforce CRM: Well Adapted for Microcredit NPOs

The members of the microcredit network were looking for a tool that would allow consistent and similar data collection from one organization to another.

As new organizations do not necessarily have the means to develop their own software, MicroEntreprendre wanted to deploy a digital tool solution that could help microcredit organizations voluntarily.

Salesforce CRM emerged as an excellent solution for several reasons, including its robustness and flexibility:

  • Salesforce offers free licensing for NPOs.
  • The software is widely used worldwide, which makes documentation and training easily accessible.
  • It is adaptable to various organizations’ needs and can be integrated with different software, such as Google Suite.
  • Salesforce is periodically updated to fix bugs, improve functionality and ensure data security.

A Personalized Users Guide

A software migration can be technical and complicated, especially for people with uneven and inadequate digital capabilities. With this in mind, MicroEntreprendre asked Big Bang to create a customized guide to help support their Salesforce users.

Sebastian Benavides, Fund Management Advisor at MicroEntreprendre, appreciated the responsiveness, service and guidance offered in French by the Big Bang team.

“The benefit of having a local technical service provider is that they better understand our business industry and provide the right solutions.”

A Member’s Experience: Microcrédit Charlevoix

About Microcrédit Charlevoix

Microcrédit Charlevoix is a small Nonprofit organization that works in regional development within the microcredit ecosystem. Its territory covers Charlevoix and the Côte-de-Beaupré. Microcrédit Charlevoix accompanies more than a hundred entrepreneurs and project developers with their business start-up loans, client follow-up and entrepreneurial advice.

MicroCrédit Charlevoix

The Challenge: Replacing a Buggy Tool

Microcrédit Charlevoix used a database tool that required duplicating data. It was buffy and reaching the end of its life. The team wanted to optimize work time and consolidate administrative and advisory follow-ups into a single tool to facilitate reporting to financial backers. Martine Lévesque, General Manager, asked Big Bang to research the appropriate CRM software for their industry: Salesforce.


  • Save time
  • Facilitate reporting to funders
  • Real-time access to information
  • Standardize practices within the network

Big Bang: Personalized Service

MicroCrédit Charlevoix members appreciated Big Bang’s personalized follow-ups. They were assigned a key resource person who monitored their needs closely. They felt listened to, understood and well guided throughout the project.

Big Bang also helped the organization in its efforts to be officially recognized as an NPO.

“I was very pleased with Big Bang’s expertise. When we asked questions, the team would ‘turn on a dime’ and get answers specific to our needs and our rather unique industry.”

– Martine Lévesque, General Manager, Microcrédit Charlevoix.

Ms. Lévesque and her team are now taking the time to master Salesforce and use it to its full potential.

Advice for NPOs

If your NPO is part of a network, Martine advises consulting the members on their expectations in regards to the tool before starting the project. A great communication with periodic follow-ups is essential so that members can provide information relevant to their needs and progress efficiently.

Martine also advises using an external resource if necessary, knowing that data migration requires a lot of time and expertise. This will give other employees the chance to focus on tasks that are more within their area of expertise.

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A Personalized Solution for Microcredit’s NPOs

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A Personalized Solution for Microcredit’s NPOs

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.