Improved scalability for Farmboy Fine Arts

The Challenge

Siloed data and duplication of effort in managing information was affecting profitability and stunting future growth potential.

The Solution

Implementation and integration of NetSuite ERP solution that was customizable and scalable to FBFA's current and future needs.

The Benefits

Streamlined processes, improved customer relationships, and gained visibility to make better decisions that were driven by data.

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The Challenge

FBFA needed guidance and support to keep up with their accelerated current and future growth. They were looking for a partner who could help them maintain and promote future success. It was no surprise that this case was a good opportunity for Big Bang ERP whose mission consists of helping organizations become more efficient through implementation of cutting-edge business management and process automation software. From a technical point of view, FBFA’s main issues originated from data silos and duplication of effort in managing their data. They did not have visibility on the profitability of their customers, their costs, etc. Something needed to be done. Luckily, Big Bang ERP was ready to create tangible value!

“As with most small businesses there is a lot of gut feel in the decision making process and data is hard to come by and takes time to collect. Farmboy Fine Arts wanted to have real time and accurate information, which is why we knew that implementing NetSuite would be a differentiator for us as we continue to grow and enter other verticals.” 

Tim Gudewill, Chief Operating Officer of FBFA.

The Solution

Big Bang ERP analyzed the needs of FBFA and recommended the use of NetSuite ERP. NetSuite was the best fit to remedy the situation. It is customizable, scalable, flexible and gives real time data; all qualities that are crucial to support growth. The end goal for both Big Bang ERP and FBFA was to be able to customize the cloud solution to FBFA’s current and future needs, ensuring profitability. Big Bang ERP and FBFA shared similar values of teamwork and responsiveness which has helped both partners to  reach their sole objective: FBFA’s success.

NetSuite proved to be the right solution to solve the following problems for FBFA:  

  • Real Time Data: FBFA gained visibility to  make data-driven decisions
  • Streamlined Processes: FBFA can refine the workflow and increase efficiency.
  • Improved Scalability: FBFA’s solution can adapt to future needs associated with the company’s fast-paced growth. On average NetSuite customers grow 16% per year (double the standard)

Big Bang ERP helped guide FBFA in regards to best practices and scalability. They implemented the solution and made sure FBFA had the right tools and support to succeed. Big Bang ERP aims to build long lasting relationships with customers and partners, and FBFA was no exception.

“We are incredibly happy with the work that Big Bang ERP has done for us, and we can see new benefits every day. This new system, coupled with the data that Farmboy Fine Arts is now able to mine, will allow us to better understand our customers, our processes and how we use this information to focus on growing a more profitable business.”

Tim Gudewill, Chief Operating Officer of FBFA.

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Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) provides comprehensive art consulting services to esteemed international brands and design firms working in the hospitality, healthcare, and corporate sectors. Founded in 2002, FBFA focuses on developing intelligent, relevant art experiences, not just providing artwork. With over a decade of international experience and more than 3,000 completed projects for thousands of clients, FBFA’s purpose is simple—change lives with art. Learn more about FBFA through their website,

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