Calego Accelerates Business Expansion With a Full NetSuite Implementation

The Challenge

Legacy ERP system that could no longer support the omnichannel supplier’s diverse and evolving business needs

The Solution

A full NetSuite implementation, including training and support by Big Bang

The Benefits

Streamlined critical business processes, accelerated financial close, and improved employee organization and productivity

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About Calego

Calego International Inc. started as a small leather goods company in 1931 and has since become one of the world’s leading developers and distributors of travel goods and wellness products. Calego has built the #1 rated and reviewed luggage brand, becoming one of the best-in-class omnichannel suppliers in North America. Ever-evolving, Calego recently started a consulting division, Calego Insights, encapsulating years of experience generating, syndicating, and leveraging ratings & reviews to help companies build, grow and digitize proprietary, licensed, and private-label brands across a wide array of product categories.

Committed to being a first-class partner to the world’s largest retailers, Calego understands the importance of operating on first-class technology. 


Diverse Customer and Product Base Required Quicker and Better-Quality Reporting

Calego recognized it was time to move its data to the cloud when the legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system they were using was no longer going to be supported by its provider. Calego’s operators knew it was time to find a solution that would meet all its needs; namely, to have its data securely stored and easily accessible to all users at all times.

In search of a partner to help implement NetSuite, a friend referred Calego to Big Bang.

“We really felt that Big Bang came forward with the most practical approach to this crucial change facing our business. They held our hand every step of the way and acted as true partners. We also really liked the people assigned to our team, which made the process smoother.”

Elana Madejchuk, Chief Financial Officer, Calego 

Big Bang performed a full-service mandate from reviewing each user’s functions and pain points right through to implementation and training of the team.

Why Choose NetSuite?

Calego chose NetSuite because it offered a complete range of business processes that met the requirements for its growing business, plus, the software is optimized for the cloud and mobility. As a Software as a Service (SaaS), it eliminates overheads of managing multiple applications and IT infrastructure. Calego’s main users preferred the look and feel of NetSuite and its functionality versus that of the competition.

A key feature that stood out for the team was the Foreign Exchange (FX) conversion capabilities. Calego’s controller had to manually convert balances with the old system, making it challenging to get a solid handle on realized and unrealized gains and losses. Now conversions are tracked in real-time with the built-in daily FX rate feature. At month-end, FX gains and losses are literally calculated with the press of a button!

The Benefits of a NetSuite ERP Implementation

As an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Oracle’s NetSuite supports Calego’s entire company and departments.

  • The finance team now benefits from a much quicker closing of each month-end financial statement, saving time and money.
  • Employees are more organized and productive.
  • Management receives results in a timely fashion, which enables them to make relevant decisions quicker.
  • Data is capable of being entered with more detail resulting in better reporting. All the reports can be exported to excel and manipulated to suit each user’s needs.

Bottom line, work is easier and time saved is spent on value-adding activities instead of clunky manual processes.

Rewind to Go-Live Advice

“Unless you have a full-time resident IT resource who knows the system well, have someone from Big Bang come onsite after the go-live once users are familiar with the system and know what issues need further resolution. In my opinion, having someone onsite for a block of days will save time for your team members by getting issues fixed quicker rather than going back and forth with emails and calls. This will also inevitably save the company money too.”

Planning for Continued Future Success

“Big Bang has continued to stay engaged with us and follows up with us regularly to keep current on our business and our needs. The support team has been great and responds to users’ questions in a timely manner.”

As Calego continues to grow as a business, it will continue to partner with Big Bang as its NetSuite and support provider. Whether it’s for support and training or further integration services that facilitate functions company-wide, like add-ons or other applications that sync with NetSuite – think RF Smart for Warehouse Management Software, Avalara for sales tax reporting, and Celigo to sync Shopify, for example. Big Bang helps equip successful companies like Calego with the tools, technology and support it needs to meet evolving business requirements at every stage of its growth and seize opportunities for expansion across channels and industries.

All quotes by
Elana Madejchuk

Chief Financial Officer, Calego

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Calego Accelerates Business Expansion With a Full NetSuite Implementation

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Calego Accelerates Business Expansion With a Full NetSuite Implementation

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

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