A Match for Success: Streamlined, on Time, and Under Budget

The Challenge

A previous ERP system was inadequate for Bus.com's growing needs and forced them to use too many resources in manual processes.

The Solution

A Business Process Review (BPR) by Big Bang to properly structure Bus.com's needs and the flows required for the NetSuite implementation.

The Benefits

Real-time financial statements, cleaner data and more efficient processes.

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About Bus.com

Bus.com, the largest private bus reservation network in North America, provides on-demand charter transportation of all sizes – from 12-seat vans to 55-seat coaches to school buses and shuttle services. Their clients are sports teams, companies, individuals, and most recently,  shuttles to get vaccinated for Covid.

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Bus.com was already interested in upgrading to Oracle NetSuite ERP when they heard about Big Bang at an event. Big Bang positioned itself as a good partner thanks to the BPR (Business Process Review) that helped structure the project properly. They took the time to analyze Bus.com’s needs, understand their business, recommend the best workflows, and integrate NetSuite.

“I saw a lot of value in the BPR. It was an arduous process. We had to challenge ourselves, but I think we needed it to get to the right flows that we have today. Big Bang walked us through that part of the project well.”

– Martin Provencher, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Bus.com

Challenge: Manual processes were too resource-intensive

Bus.com’s previous ERP was no longer adequate for their growing operational and technological needs as their business expanded. Projects had to be linked manually to invoices which required too many internal resources. Oracle NetSuite was positioned as an excellent solution to automate the accounting processes, have cleaner data in their system, link the different workflows, and easily see each project’s profits.

Bus.com is a very technical team with in-house programmers. Still, they preferred to use NetSuite, an ERP already on the market, instead of creating their own product.

“We chose to put efforts in what brings value to Bus.com. What’s related to transportation, the stacks for on-demand — we do it in-house. Whereas NetSuite, it’s an accounting tool that’s already on the market, it’s versed in any applicable legal considerations and updates regularly, in tune, and ready to fix any bugs that might come up quickly.  It costs more to build it manually than to buy one already made on the market.”

– Martin Provencher, CTO, Bus.com

Big Bang helped Bus.com find the best workflows, the suitable packages for their needs from the NetSuite offering, and the tool’s internal configuration, including reporting, how people work on NetSuite, and helped with NetSuite’s API integration and debugging.

Big Bang x Bus.com: proactive and responsive technical teams

Bus.com’s valuable team participation helped complete the NetSuite ERP integration project on time and under budget.

For Bus.com, it was important to get involved in the process and put resources and time aside to be able to roll NetSuite, learn it and own it well so that it could meet their needs. To scale their business, they needed to have NetSuite in production by the deadline, and they made sure to do everything they could to get there. It was also important to be independent from Big Bang to keep the project alive and to modify it according to the company’s needs. In addition to keeping the budget down, this participation enabled them to save time, especially when making minor changes to the flows.

The Bus.com team appreciated the helpfulness and responsiveness of Big Bang’s consultants. They were open to discussion and provided ideas to help resolve problematic situations.

“Projects that go off schedule are often because someone gets stuck on something. The Big Bang team was like an extension of Bus.com. Everyone wanted the project to succeed and they were easy to work with.”

– Martin Provencher, CTO, Bus.com

The results

NetSuite has allowed Bus.com to be more efficient, have a better idea of the numbers daily, and to get more “clean” data (data that doesn’t need to be corrected like with their old ERP system). A few months after the Go-Live, the progress is already visible, even though there are still some flows to be integrated with the in-house Bus.com system. There has been no negative impact on the customer experience during the implementation, and they have not experienced any delays in submitting financial statements.

Bus.com recommends Big Bang for their support and openness to employees.

“An ERP implementation is never easy. My advice is to be well organized internally, have good planning before you start the project because there will be unexpected things in the processes, and have the right people responsible for the different tasks.”

– Wassim Karawani, Head of Finance and Chief of Staff, Bus.com


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A Match for Success: Streamlined, on Time, and Under Budget

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A Match for Success: Streamlined, on Time, and Under Budget

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