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Our corporate lifestyle goes beyond our core company culture: it’s global. Wherever you may be in the world, chances are a Big Bang member will be right there to welcome you into the big family that is #BigBangNation.

Work from Anywhere

We encourage work-life balance by providing ‘Flex Time’ and ‘Work from Anywhere’ options. Our employees have the opportunity to travel between our worldwide offices, and even work from a remote location, if they just need a beach break between visiting clients or are traveling to visit family for an extended period of time.

Employee Story Highlights

MBuyi Jack

Jack MBuyi

Passionate about data, machine learning & programming, Jack is certainly a consultant with experience and expertise in information technology. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the Université Nouveaux Horizons and multiple certifications in data science. Jack is a good communicator and is great at identifying and solving problems. He specializes in NetSuite, Celigo, BambooHR, Power Bi, and Workbench SQL. Jack is a highly motivated team player seeking to learn new skills and apply them quickly.

Rodrigue Etoa Corporate Picture

Rodrigue Etoa

Rodrigue has many years of experience in the world of Management Consulting. He has a master’s degree in in Management with a major in Information Technology which allows him to have the perfect set of functional and technical skills. As a consultant, he has worked with companies from different industries including Retail, Logistics & Transportation, Fashion (Apparel, Footwear & Accessories), Energy, and Telecommunications. Rodrigue has been around the world. In fact, he has lived in three different continents, and has developed great communication skills from interacting with different cultures. Rodrigue is a Salesforce specialist and is always on the lookout for opportunities to help his peers, especially when it comes to Satellite market. He has worked on several implementation and migration projects but his knowledge allows him to tackle any type of projects using his technical and functional skills.

Noorshabah Ramjanee Corporate Picture

Noorshabah Ramjanee

Noorshabah, PMP, has almost a decade of experience in the field of Software Development and Project Management. She has completed a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and Project Management. Her technical skills allow her to tackle technical issues. Noorshabah has worked with several industries and enjoys working with a Cloud Solution Consultancy firm, like Big Bang, because it allows her to develop Technical, Functional and Project Management Skills. She specializes in NetSuite and is always eager to work on new projects and take on new challenges.

Bhavuk Sood Corporate Picture

Bhavuk Sood

Bhavuk is a Digital Marketing Specialist with over 7 years of experience in digital marketing & customer service in the B2B industry. He has a Bachelor in Computer Applications in India, as well as a diploma of Computer Networking from Herzing College in Montreal. Bhavuk is a specialist in SEO, SEM, CRO, Lead Generation & Email Marketing. He’s certified in Google Analytics, Hubspot Social Media, Edureka Apache Solr, and Google Ads. He’s the go-to person for any PowerPoint presentations and all Excel knowledge, including the technical VBA Macros. Bhavuk has accomplished the highest conversion rate for a client which resulted in revenue growth. He was recognized as a Quality star for achieving a milestone in Quality Initiatives. He’s a high performer in attaining client satisfaction. Bhavuk loves the diversity in business Big Bang has to offer.


Our Commitment to Our Team’s Professional Growth

Onboarding path, certifications and hands-on experience

Certification icon

Big Bang proprietary onboarding

Get set up for success with a well-rounded view of the company and our industry in your first two weeks at Big Bang. Based on your role and background, you will have a customized onboarding path, including:
• Company and Industry Overviews
• An introduction to our IT and internal tools
• Meeting procedures and communication tools
• Consulting and Accounting 101
• Process maps, sales, and project management

You will complete your onboarding with peers, meet your team and immediately feel welcomed

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Product-specific training paths

Our internal partner-product leads host specific training paths. They provide an introduction to the product’s interface and navigation, how to implement, test and debug custom flows and integration apps, as well as the best practices for doing so.

These Big Bang training paths will enable your product certifications for:
• NetSuite 101
• Salesforce 101 Administrator and/or Developer
• FinancialForce 101
• Rootstock 101
• Celigo 101
• Boomi 101

co icon

BSA5® Fast Track

Big Bang’s proprietary Business Systems Analysis process is available as an in-depth 3-4 week training path. It aims to train and test your skills in leading sessions for Business Process Reengineering or Business Requirement List for a fictitious client. The course concludes with a student evaluation to review overall success.


Our coaching culture commitment & mentorship

Upon joining Big Bang, you will be assigned a coach to help guide you during your journey. This inspiring peer has a primary mandate of facilitating your integration.

Your coach :

  • Successfully completed at least 6 months in his role at Big Bang
  • Overcame real-life client scenarios
  • Participated in change management
  • Assigned based on current skill-set and future career plan, for you both to develop your skill and career

We focus on mentorship and the importance of learning through osmosis and delegation. The emphasis on helping each other instead of competing against each other will result in promoting an organic culture of teamwork.

Career development and lifelong learning

Join Big Bang’s lifelong learning culture! A number of our employees started out as interns and progressed through the ranks, including current Executives.

We invest in your lifelong learning by:

  • Investing in employee training and development through formal training paths 
  • Paying 100% of the fees for professional or product-specific certifications
  • Providing formal bi-weekly coaching and bi-annual evaluations with managers where we set goals for all employees to ensure they are well on the path to their next big career move at Big Bang
  • Make career paths easily accessible and encourage our employees to add specific goals for their progression as a demonstration of our commitment to reward employees who reach and surpass their quantitative objectives
CareerPathGraphic EN 2022
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Our Commitment to Our Team’s Professional Growth

Our employees are what makes us great, and when they flourish, so does Big Bang. 

This is why we prioritize and invest in our team’s personal growth just as much as the development of your job-related skills.

What we develop

Personnality cards Psychometric tests

At Big Bang, we believe that professional growth always comes through personal growth. The best way to develop your potential is to know yourself in depth: your strengths, your weaknesses, and areas where you could improve.

We leverage personality tests and psychometrics to help you learn about yourself and how you work best with others.

Soccer Game Big Bang
Fostering relationships with others
  • Mentorship and 1-on-1 meetings with your manager
  • Let off steam with sports, social events like happy hours, and special team outings.  
  • Big Bang has a culture of innovation and supports entrepreneurship within the company. We offer you a platform to implement your ideas.
  • A few employee initiatives that are a part of our culture today: forming a social committee, weekly soccer game, Oktoberfest beer and pretzel sampling, hiking groups, and more!
Big Bang Jack MBuyi Presenting the company
Becoming a better communicator
  • Culture of feedback
  • Team members host Lunch & Learn sessions, participate in marketing initiatives such as lead Webinars and contributions to our blog
  • Everyone participates in presenting and creating onboarding presentations to onboard new hires
2020 Big Bang Award Boris
Employee Recognition
  • Give kudos to colleagues who exhibit our values through our instant messaging software. 
  • We highlight work anniversaries, with an annual gift, in the Human Resources section of our weeckly company-wide huddle and we celebrate with a special happy hour (with birthday cake, of course).
  • As a birthday gift, our employees can enjoy their special day off (i.e. an extra paid vacation day).
Personal health & well-being
  • Subsidizing virtual healthcare consultations (50%) with the option to book a conference room for employee video consultation for maximum privacy.
  • Social committee organizing activities and fitness classes led by professional trainers.
  • We make a point of getting together outside the office during the warmer months with our Walking Club Wednesdays and regular hikes.
  • Our perks include access to an integrative health plan and app available to all employees and their families, so they can take care of their physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing from anywhere.
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